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SKF Pulse for Android

November 26, 2019 | By MRO Magazine

Photo credit: SKF Inc.

SKF Pulse is now available for Android, and can be downloaded through Google Play.

Pulse is designed for maintenance, repair, and operations managers and staff in a wide range of industries. Pulse provides an entry point for a do-it-yourself predictive maintenance program. The Bluetooth sensor acts as a smart vibration tool, transmitting data wirelessly via the mobile app for instant machine diagnostics and insights.

“With SKF Pulse now available for Android, customers have the ability to use the app on the mobile device of their choice,” said Josh Flemming, Strategic Marketing, SKF. “The SKF Pulse app makes machine monitoring easier. Users can monitor machine health and receive timely, valuable insights for quick and strategic decision-making.”

The app allows users to create asset profiles and customize standards around those assets as needed.


For more advanced analysis, users can request an SKF Pulse Check via the app. The request goes to the SKF Rotating Equipment Performance Centre where experts remotely analyze the machine data and respond with recommended corrective actions to improve equipment performance.

Unlimited assets can be monitored with one portable sensor. More sensors can be added as part of a broader vibration analysis program.



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