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Sensor technology for Continental hoses and lines

Maryam Farag   

Industry Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing electric vehicles product

Photo: Continental.

Continental launched a collaboration, sensIC project, with partners from industry and R&D. Continental is driving the project forward with its integrated sensor technology based on printed electronics for hoses and lines installed in electric vehicles (EVs).

The project involves installing hoses for thermal management in EVs with integrated temperature sensors. The electronics are designed so as to rule out manipulation during production, at subsequent stages of the supply chain or during actual use.

As an electronic, non-clonable identifier, a differential PUF circuit based on printed transistors and silicon-based read-in and read-out electronics is integrated with a sensor circuit. The sensor circuit contains a silicon IC that communicates with the hybrid PUF via a corresponding interface made possible by a specially engineered, packaging technology, thus forming a “secure” overall system.

“The sensIC project exemplifies how integrated sensor technology based on printed electronics can be realized on an industrial scale. This represents a major contribution to the mobility revolution and enabling increasingly energy-efficient and sustainable solutions,” said Tim Wolfer, Project Manager, Functional Printing Processes.




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