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Rittal Blue smart cooling unit approved for Canada

Monica Ferguson   

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Photo: Rittal.

Rittal expanded its smart cooling unit solutions with the Blue e+ S range. It has lower output categories of 300, 500, and 1,000 W and has a smaller footprint and lower costs.

The Blue e+ S range combines a heat pipe with inverter-controlled components. The heat pipe works without a compressor, expansion valve, or regulating elements, and does not need any electrical energy except to operate the fan.

The additional compressor cooling only operates if a large amount of heat must be dissipated from the enclosure or if the ambient temperature is very high. When it does operate, it is energy-efficient because the compressor and fans have an inverter-controlled drive, which adjusts their speeds depending on the requirements.

The new series uses a refrigerant with a global warming potential that is 56 per cent lower than those used in comparable cooling units. Instead of the R-134a previously used, the cooling circuit in the new generation of units now runs with R-513A refrigerant.



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