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Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition System

March 8, 2019 | By MRO Magazine

Rite-Hite has now made elements of its Rite-Vu Hazard Recognition System available as a retrofit or standalone equipment for any loading dock. Previously, these multisensory safety alerts were only available with Rite-Hite products.

Equipment now available for retrofit includes Approach-Vu, Pedestrian-Vu, and Lok-Vu.

Pedestrian-Vu uses motion-sensing technology to trigger a bright blue light that projects onto the dock leveler when it detects motion inside the trailer from material handling equipment and/or a pedestrian.

When used in conjunction with Dok-Lok products, Pedestrian-Vu will also alert any dock worker or forklift that enters an unsecured trailer. The blue light flashes as an audible alarm alerts the unsuspecting dock worker to the safety threat, while the exterior light system simultaneously changes to red, warning the truck driver of activity inside the trailer and that they should not pull away.


Approach-Vu sensor detects the motion of a tractor-trailer backing into a dock position. A visual and audible alarm located on the outside of the building, below the leveler, alerts dock workers and pedestrians in the drive approach of the impending hazard.

“One loading dock accident is too many,” said Chad Dillavou, Rite-Hite Products product manager. “Our goal at Rite-Hite is to make every dock safer and more efficient – regardless of whether it is equipped with a Rite-Hite Dok-Lok, leveler or control system. For facility managers, this means that incremental, strategic, budget-friendly improvements can be made over time to optimize safety and help make their end of the supply chain safer.”

Lok-Vu uses an external camera to provide visual verification of trailer presence and lock engagement. Single and dual camera systems are available. The dual camera option allows for interchangeable views between two of three general locations




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