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QM22 series miniature encoder

August 4, 2023 | By MRO Staff

Photo: Electromate

Photo: Electromate

Quantum Devices’ QM22 series optical incremental encoders feature a 22mm diameter, providing a space-efficient, high-resolution solution that meets requirements of modern applications in robotics, automation, and more.

Key features

Size: Its small form factor enables integration into tight spaces in a wide array of applications, including but not limited to, robotic arms, automated guided vehicles, and medical equipment.

Resolution: The QM22 encoder series offers resolutions up to 2,048 cycles per revolution or 8,192 counts per revolution when used with a x4 count quadrature decoder.


Durability: QM22 encoder is built with a fully encapsulated rugged housing that ensures optimal operation even in challenging industrial environments.

“Quantum Devices’ QM22 miniature encoder embodies the ideal blend of compact design and superior performance,” said Warren Osak, founder and CEO, Electromate. “Its arrival adds another cutting-edge product to our offering that aligns perfectly with our mission – to provide high-quality automation components that improve the efficiency, safety, and productivity of our customer’s operations.”



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