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Helical gear unit line gets addition of lower-torque units

Helical gear unit line gets addition of lower-torque units

SEW-Eurodrive has expanded the lower power range of the robust helical and bevel-helical gear units that are part of the
X Series of industrial gear units by offering units for the torque range of 6.8 kNm to 45 kNm (5,000 ft-lb to 33,000 ft-lb). This expands the torque range to cover 6.8 kNm to 475 kNm (5,000 ft-lb to 350,000 ft-lb). The intelligent, comprehensive gear unit line features finely graduated sizes, variable installation and a wide variety of modular options. Gear ratios range from 6.3 to 450.

SEW-Eurodrive Co. of Canada

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Line of motors with internal bearing protection ring is expanded

Baldor has added 98 ratings to the Baldor Reliance Super-E motors with an internal Aegis bearing protection ring. The addition expands the existing four-pole line of TEFC and ODP designs through 100 hp and also includes two- and six-pole models. In addition, 575-V TEFC motors have been added, 1 to 50 hp, as well as TEFC and ODP close-coupled pump motors. The motors have the grounding ring factory-installed internally on the motor, which keeps it from being damaged by external forces. Applications include heating, ventilation and air conditioning blower and fan motors, pump motors, and other general purpose applications using an adjustable speed drive.

Baldor Electric

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Wireless shaft alignment system is designed for entry-level applications

The Stealth S-660 entry-level, three-axis shaft alignment system, manufactured by Hamar Laser Instruments, features Bluetooth wireless communication, smart phone data display and high-resolution colour graphics. With Dual Arc technology, spans of 3.05 m (10 ft) are easily achieved with the use of a fan-type laser. Featuring such additional features as long battery life, print software for colour reports and Auto-Clock, the system can be easily operated by the most inexperienced user.

Hyatt Industries Limited

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Thermal camera detects faults on objects at far distances

Developed for use by technicians and thermographers, the SKF TKTI 30 thermal camera offers a high, 76,800-pixel (320 by 240) infrared resolution and the ability to display thermal and visual images, or a fusion of both, on the bright, sharp 3.5-in. screen. Features include four moveable cursors, cursor temperature difference display, automatic hot and cold spot display and laser sighting. Thermal analysis tools such as isotherms, temperature gradients and area analyses are available. The compact, ergonomic and rugged design enables the camera to be used in most industrial environments, and the rechargeable power pack allows for five hours or more of use. It comes in a sturdy carrying case.

SKF Canada

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Rust removal liquid is safe for workers and the environment

Walter Surface Technologies has announced the availability of Bio-Rust, a non-corrosive solution that eradicates rust on iron and mild steel. The product does not use highly corrosive and toxic acids, and is VOC-free, solvent-free and phosphate-free. Also, it does not damage the parent material. Parts requiring treatment are immersed in the liquid and left to soak, leaving workers free to attend to other tasks. The product can remove 1.0 kg (2.2 lb) of iron oxide per 20 l. Applications include in fabrication shops to clean steel prior to painting or coating operations, and for maintenance workers in the transportation and military sectors.

Walter Surface Technologies

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Rugged thermal camera takes sharply focused images

Fluke has introduced five thermal imagers, the Ti110 and Ti125 for industrial and commercial applications, the TiR110 and TiR125 for building diagnostics applications, and the Ti100 for general use. Capabilities include automatic focus, with a manual focus option for close-ups, IR-Fusion technology, which blends digital and infrared images into a single image to precisely document problem areas, and one-handed operation. This rugged point-and-shoot device, weighing just 1.63 lb, is built to survive drops up to 6.5 ft. It comes with an AC power adapter, lithium ion smart battery (Ti125 and TiR125 include two each; others one each), USB cable, SD memory card, hard carrying case, soft transport bag, adjustable hand strap and a manual.


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