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Precision acoustic Imager

June 7, 2023 | By MRO Staff

Photo: Fluke

Fluke ii910 precision acoustic imager with MecQ mode allows maintenance technicians to scan large areas and visually pinpoint technical issues.

It filters out industrial noise to ensure reliable detection. It features contactless scanning; it allows technicians to safely access hard-to-reach areas from a distance.

MecQ Mode on the ii910, teams can visualize potential issues with conveyor systems before they lead to downtime. MecQ Mode is available on all Fluke ii910 precision acoustic imagers; for existing customers, MecQ Mode will be added through a free firmware upgrade.

“We all know that unplanned downtime can be a costly nightmare, but with Fluke’s cutting-edge acoustic imaging technology, you can stay one step ahead of problems and avoid expensive consequences,” said Tako Feron, acoustic imaging product manager, Fluke Corporation. “Whether you’re in the food and beverage industry, distribution centers, automotive manufacturing, or mining, the Fluke ii910 with MecQ Mode is designed to proactively identify potential issues and minimize the risk of downtime.”




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