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Posital Miniature Multi-Turn Kit Encoders

January 13, 2020 | By MRO Magazine

Photo: Posital.

Posital unveiled a fully functional prototype of miniature multi-turn kit encoder for integrated motor feedback. With a diameter of 22 millimetres and a height of 23 mm. It features a self-powered rotation counter.

“Our new mini kits build on the success of the kit (or modular) encoders that we introduced in 2016,” said Jim Stevens, Product Manager Kit Encoders, POSITAL North America. “By careful redesign and the introduction of smaller electronic component, we have been able to reduce the diameter of these devices from 36 mm to 22 mm.” A key achievement has been the miniaturization of the Wiegand energy harvesting system that powers the rotation counter. This system is a very important part of POSITAL’s competitive positioning since it ensures reliable absolute multi-turn position measurement without any need for high-maintenance batteries or gear systems.

They cover a multi-turn measurement range and provide digital output. They are rugged and resistant to contamination by oil, dust or moisture; offering 17-bit electronic resolution and a multi-turn measurement range of up to 32 bits. Vendor-neutral SSI and BiSS C interfaces are supported. Installation is straightforward and can be done under normal factory conditions.

“In the coming months, we’ll give our 22mm kit the finishing touch in a detailed beta testing program involving well-known motor manufacturers,” said Stevens. Full product roll-out will take place after evaluation of these test runs and is expected in mid-2020. Special shaft versions of the 22 mm kits with integrated bearings, which can provide additional applications, are also being planned. “With miniaturization marking a major trend in global automation, we see great potential for our new mini kits,” said Stevens.




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