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Polyamide gears and gear racks

By MRO Staff   

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Photo: JW Winco

JW Winco introduced the spur gears EN 7802 and gear racks EN 7822 made from polyamide. Due to their low friction coefficients, these require no lubrication and are made of FDA-compliant glass fiber-reinforced plastic. The components are also available in gray or blue.

The polyamide gears and racks are designed for temperatures up to 248 °F (120 °C) and for contact with acids, gases, and saltwater. Plastic gears are lighter and more economical than metal gears.

The gears and racks are designed as an involute gear with a 20° angle, and the design structure helps to reduce torque variation and allow for greater assembly flexibility.

Gears EN 7802 designed in module sizes from 0.5 to three. Polyamide gear racks EN 7822 can be ordered with module sizes from one to three and feature a steel core.




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