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New Size Nine Brushless Slotted DC Motors

July 8, 2019 | By Mario Cywinski

Portescap released three new surgical motors for small bone orthopedic applications. The B0912N1016 Small Bone Motor (9.6V– 38K RPM), B0912N4023 Small Bone Gearmotor (9.6V – 1.1K RPM), and B0912N4024 Small Bone Gearmotor (9.6V – 12.8K RPM) are sterilizable BLDC motors that provide optimal torque and speed.

These motors have been designed and tested to withstand over 1,000 sterilization cycles and exposure to saline and other foreign materials. The 22mm⌀ motors are lightweight with low noise and vibration to maximize tactile response and surgeon control.

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