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New foot-mount resolvers offer reliable feedback and lower costs for pulp & paper and steel mills

May 22, 2015
By MRO Staff

Dynapar Northstar product May 22_15 R56-RF25-001Dynapar of Gurnee, IL, has introduced its all-new Northstar brand R56 foot/C-Face mount and RF25 flange-mount resolvers that are ideal for pulp and paper and steel mill environments. The R56 and RF25 are designed to be suitable replacements for existing resolvers and offer reliable performance and durability at a lower cost and faster lead time for position and velocity feedback applications in the Reliance Automax distributed control system.

Equipment users involved in production know that downtime due to maintenance or extended lead times on back order parts is unacceptable. To meet this challenge, the Northstar R56 and RF25 resolvers are made to order with average lead times of 10 days and are backed by the support of Dynapar’s North American sales and support network and hundreds of distribution partners.

The R56 and RF25 offer low cost and reliable performance by using the proven technology and modern materials of Harowe resolver engines. With a track record of over 30 years, Harowe resolvers offer a superior cost position thanks to large scale production and dependable performance in extreme environments.

Both the R56 and RF25 are designed for maximum compatibility with existing systems and easy user installation. The R56 resolver features a 5/8-in. shaft with NEMA 56C-face mount and foot mount with an industrial 10-pin latching connector standard for quick installation and enclosure rating of IP65. Large outer bearings isolate shaft loads ensuring heavy duty performance and durability.


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The RF25 resolver includes a 3/8-in. shaft with square flange mounting plate, 10-pin connector and is IP65 rated. The RF25 offers high integrity seals and a very tough package to withstand extreme abuse.

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