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Extractor arms capture fumes at sourceNederman extractor arms trap contaminants at the point of origin before they can be inhaled, whether they are welding fumes, grinding dust, oil smoke, solvent fum...

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Extractor arms capture fumes at source

Nederman extractor arms trap contaminants at the point of origin before they can be inhaled, whether they are welding fumes, grinding dust, oil smoke, solvent fumes or such allergens as flour and talc. The 5000 model features a balanced arm that makes the hood virtually weightless, yet it stays wherever it is positioned. The shape of the hood gives a directional suction effect, so it can be positioned beside, behind or above the work where it will be out of the way. This model is available in 3-m, 4-m and 5-m lengths. Also available is a telescopic extractor arm designed for use in small workspaces over benches and in welding booths. It is easily collapsed from its full extension of 1.6 m to its minimum length of 0.9 m when not needed. The telescopic action uses an adjustable balance block as a counterweight to the telescopic arm, allowing the hood to remain where it was positioned.

Niederman Canada

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Palm-size data collector packs in the features

Entek’s new Enpac is a Windows CE-based, high-performance data collector. Measuring 7 1/4 in. by 5 1/4 in. and weighing just 1.5 lb, this hand-held instrument allows high-speed data collection both on- and off-route for easy condition monitoring of machinery in a wide variety of industries. It uses digital signal processing (DSP) and a 20-bit A/D converter for speed and accuracy. Power is provided by a lithium battery.


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Drum pump comes in different lengths

Engineered to transfer corrosive liquids up to 130 lpm (35 USgpm), the Model P90 pump from Millar-Williams Hydronics features a sealless design that assures rugged durability and continuous, dependable performance. Its high-power, double-insulated 1,150-W motor is designed for specific gravities to 1.86 and viscosities to 4,000 SSU. The rugged motor has a large handle grip for a secure grasp when wearing bulky rubber gloves. The pump is available in polypropylene or kynar in 750-mm (30-in.) lengths for carboys, 1,000-mm (40-in.) lengths for drums, and 1,250-mm (50-in.) and 1,500-mm (60-in.) lengths for vats, tanks and oversized containers. In addition, it is offered in stainless steel in 1,000-mm (40-in.) lengths.

Millar-Williams Hydronics

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RIO terminal blocks offer analogue expansion

Entrelec’s Systron remote I/O (RIO) terminal blocks, featuring digital I/O expansion modules, now offer analogue expansion modules. These plug-in modules, which mount into a separate terminal block base module, are compatible with Interbus and Profibus protocols and allow up to eight analogue inputs and four analogue outputs. Users can connect two- or three-wire field devices, such as sensors and actuators, directly to the terminal block terminations. These modules offer a number of design features to facilitate operation and maintenance. Analogue inputs and outputs feature 12-bit resolution. For rapid fault isolation, multiple LEDs indicate operational status of inputs, outputs, power supply, overload condition and field bus connection.


Reader Service Card No. 402

Torque-activated AM signal wrench has no cord to trip over

Mountz has introduced the Torque-Activated AM Signal wrench (TAAMS), which it claims is the first wireless fastener system to operate on AM frequency, eliminating the inherent interference of FM signals. The wrench not only frees assembly workers from restrictive cables, but also offers multiple channel- and tool-tracking capability in a single unit. It is equipped with a small, battery-powered transmitter at the end of its handle in place of a cord attachment. When a preset torque is reached, the tool sends an AM signal to a receiver unit that records the fastener as fastened. Because the tool eliminates operator influence, anyone can go to a particular workstation and handle the job at hand. The transmitters are merged with the company’s cam-over style torque wrenches, which means that the tool will apply only the proper torque to the fastener. Click wrenches, used in FM-signal-operated wrenches, are prone to over-torquing. The system can be used as a counter in several different ways. Total count on the wrench is often used as a calibration reminder at proper intervals. Likewise, the TAAMS can keep a batch count. It offers four channels, allowing assembly personnel to monitor up to four tools simultaneously. Mountz rotary-corded signal wrenches can be retrofitted with a TAAMS transmitter and send cordless signals to the receiver.


Reader Service Card No. 400

Caster is built to withstand punishing environments

Colson stainless steel casters overcome the problems of rust and corrosion, featuring a polished finish that holds up in hostile, demanding conditions. All components, including spanner bushing, axle, net and washers, are made of stainless steel, and the standard delrin wheel bearings are easy-rolling, non-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free. Load capacities range up to 250 lb per caster with a choice of three wheel types. The casters are offered in 4-in. and 5-in. wheel diameters.


Reader Service Card No. 389

Filter returns oil to NC-machines

Nederman’s electrostatic filter captures oil mist, which can pollute the air when operating numerically controlled machines. The air flow is adjusted with a damper to create the negative pressure which is required in the system. The oil mist then separates in the electrostatic filter and is returned to the machine, without running the risk of passing the filter. The filtered air is returned to the workshop. The separator can be fitted directly on an NC-machine or on a floor or wall bracket, which can be connected to one or two intake ducts. When the filter cells become saturated, an indicator light and audible alarm are triggered, at which point the filter should be washed with water and detergent to ensure high-efficiency filtration.


Reader Service Card No. 390

Stud-mount accelerometer fits in tight spots

Robertshaw Industrial Products Division is offering an accelerometer that provides continuous machine vibration monitoring for trending, alarm and shutdown use. The low-cost, stud-mount Model 570 interfaces easily with control systems, including PLC, DCS, data logger or computer, and is compatible with alarm/shutdown devices such as current relays. Measuring a compact 1 in. in diameter by 2.8 in. in height, the unit is suitable for easy installation in tight spaces. The hermetically-sealed enclosure is made of 316L stainless steel and meets IP68 (dust-tight/immersion) and NEMA 4X standards.


Reader Service Card No. 310

Pressure transducer’s rugged design withstands vibration

Setra’s Model 206/207 series of rugged and reliable industrial pressure transducers stands up to rigorous field applications. The robust capacitive design resists such environmental effects as shock, vibration, temperature and EMI/RFI, helping prevent system shutdown. Model 206 meets NEMA 4 and IP65 ratings. Applications include hydraulic systems, compressor control, HVAC/R equipment and off-road equipment.

Alpha Controls and Instrumentation

Reader Service Card No. 311

Oil-sealed vacuum pumps suit wide range of applications

Siemens Energy & Automation has introduced the Elmo-Pack line of oil-sealed vacuum pump systems. These self-contained systems are suitable for many industrial uses, including central vacuum systems, vacuum hold-down applications, vacuum transfers (conveying) and at sites where water quality is poor or where water may not be readily available. Vacuums to 29 1/2 Hg are offered. Each system includes a Siemens 2A V2 liquid ring vacuum pump with a variable discharge port-plate and a C-flange that enables the use of standard NEMA motors, including chemical-duty or explosion-proof designs from 7.5 hp to 20 hp. These systems are designed for low vibra
tion levels (less than 2 mils).


Reader Service Card No. 312

Marine rope holder is recognized for innovative design

Spinlock of Cowes, U.K., has received two marine industry awards for its Powercleat all-weather rope-holding system for hand-tensioned lines. The PX system won the European marine industry prize for Best Designed Product 1999 at the METS boat show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and the international boat industry Marine Product of the Year 1999 award.. This rope-holding device features a built-in lever system. When the rope is angled down it locks the line. When the rope is lifted, it frees the single pivot cam instantly and easily, even at full power, just like a miniature rope clutch. The device is for lines of 3 mm to 12 mm in diameter.


Reader Service Card No. 313

Direct drive motor suits high-torque applications

Kollmorgen has announced the release of the GoldLine direct drive rotary brushless servomotor, offering peak torque ratings from 12.5 lb-ft to 225 lb-ft. Frame sizes are available from 6.9 in. to 11.2 in. When matched with the company’s ServoStar CD digital amplifier, the system has wide speed and torque applications in such areas as rotary tables, robots and semi-conductor processing equipment. Eliminating mechanical parts, such as belts, pulleys and gearboxes, the motor mounts directly on the machine for a flat, compact design. In addition, the maintenance-free motor provides a large-diameter hollow shaft for fluid, pneumatic or electrical feed-throughs.


Reader Service Card No. 314

Liquid system helps extinguish large-vehicle fires

Offering additional fire protection for large off-road vehicles and specialty equipment, the LVS liquid agent fire suppression system from Ansul was designed to be used in tandem with the company’s LT-A-101 dry chemical system. Protection covers large excavators, shovels, draglines, haul trucks, wheeled loaders, slag carriers, pot or slab carriers, tunnel-boring machines, etc. The system consists of one or more 114-l (30-gal.) tanks that operate within a temperature range of minus 40C to plus 49C (minus 40F to plus 120F). Expellant gas for each liquid agent tank is supplied from a nitrogen cartridge with pneumatic actuator. Both the LVS and LT-A-101 systems typically interface with a CheckFire control module, providing automatic detection, alarm, time delays, equipment shutdown and system release functions.


Reader Service Card No. 315

Catalogue offers easy selection of sensors

Banner has announced its Measurement and Inspection Sensors 2000 catalogue, a 72-page purchasing resource including specifications and applications for every sensor. Separate sections detail L-Gage light-gauging sensors, U-Gage ultrasonic sensors, A-Gage measuring light screens, PresencePlus pixel-counting sensors and part-sensing light screens. The colour-coded table of contents and product family sections enable users to find a product quickly.

Banner Engineering

Reader Service Card No. 322

Pressure indicating films have many uses

Pressurex Pressure Points tactile force-indicating films from SPI are a cost-effective, convenient metrology tool in assessing compressive magnitude and distribution between contacting or impacting surfaces. Each Pressure Point sensor film comes pre-packaged in a ready-to-use blister-sealed pouch. The films are available in sizes ranging from 0.8 cm (0.3 in.) to 2.5 cm (1 in.) in diameter. The user places the Pressure Point sensor at a specific location of an interface. When force is applied, the sensor film instantaneously and permanently changes colour. The intensity of this colour is proportional to the amount of force applied, allowing the user to quantify the stress characteristics across the contacting surface. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the films help in machine calibration unit pressure distribution between components of machine assemblies, such as frames, shafts, teeth of gears, gasket and flanges, clutch and brake plates, glue and adhesive jigs, welding heads and electronic component packaging.

Sensor Products

Reader Service Card No. 323

Shield protects workers from flying debris

An extra-wide, see-through work shield from Bristol Equipment Company offers a convenient personal safety barrier for workers who must watch or work around dangerous, debris-slinging processes. The BristolGuard model GF-200XL allows an unobstructed and undistorted view through a clear polycarbonate shield 10 in. high by 19 in. wide, giving workers freedom to shift viewing angles or move the workpiece without having to reposition the shield. Offering OSHA compliance, the unit is held in place by two sturdy, articulated, steel mounting arms, which have baseplates drilled for screw attachment to machinery housings, workbenches, walls or virtually any support surface. The guard can easily be swung aside for workpiece set-up, then returned to the operating position.

Bristol Equipment Company

Reader Service Card No. 324

Data cable line faces up to most operating challenges

The line of tailor-made LAN data cables from Elocab provides safe and precise data flow in high-flex IT applications, such as in sensors, cameras and other mobile devices. Data propagation properties can be designed to fulfill EIA-TIA Cat. 5 through Cat. 7. High-strength alloy signal conductors may be specified and additional overall shielding keeps bit error rates down, even in adverse electromagnetic surroundings. Shielding designs range from served wire shields to foil and braided shields. High-end polymers are used for all insulation layers and jacketing. An example of one of the many applications of the cables is the continuous flex interconnection for thickness- and profile-scanners in steel mills, where scanning heads are moved constantly over hot or cold rolled steel or aluminum flat products.


Reader Service Card No. 325

Utility box stores small parts inside control panels

ITC has introduced BordCase, a small DIN-rail-mounted utility drawer box, for handy storage of small parts inside a control panel or switchgear. It can be used for spare fuses, pilot light bulbs, wire terminals or other small items needed during maintenance inside the cabinet or enclosure. Both the drawer and the enclosure are made of flame-retardant polystyrene. Two colour combinations are available: white drawer/green enclosure, or white drawer/black enclosure. Size is 2 1/4 in. by 1 3/4 in. by 3 in. The box quickly snaps on any 35-mm rail and is removed with the aid of a small screwdriver.


Reader Service Card No. 327

Four RTV silicone gasket makers broaden product line

Loctite has added four room-temperature vulcanizing compounds to its product line. The silicones are designed to make reliable formed-in-place gaskets for mechanical assemblies. The compounds cure on exposure to moisture in the air to form a tough, flexible silicone rubber gasket that resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or cracking. All of the formulations can fill gaps up to 0.25 in., are non-corrosive, have low odour and low volatility, and are resistant to most chemicals and solvents. The four products are: Ultra Black, Ultra Blue, Ultra Copper and Ultra Grey.


Reader Service Card No. 329

Overload relays offer motor protection plus

Rockwell Automation has added the E3 and E3 Plus solid-state overload relays to its Allen-Bradley Modular Control System (MCS) product line. These multi-functional devices incorporate advanced protection and warning capabilities, along with direct network connectivity. Features that include supplemental I/O, control capabilities and the ability to operate in failure-prevention mode allow users to monitor motor operation to prevent or minimize production downtime. Available in IEC and NEMA configurations, they feature a built-in DeviceNet port to permit access to status
information and data.

Rockwell Automation

Reader Service Card No. 326

Digital force gauge comes with carrying case

KB Electronics has added the FG-5000 digital force gauge to its line of electronic test and measurement equipment. This easy-to-use, portable unit provides accurate readings of both tension and compression in 1-g (0.05-oz) increments up to 5,000 g (176 oz) with a 100% overload capacity. Features include gram or ounce measurement selection, peak load recall, 0.8-sec. update response time and a plus or minus 0.2% accuracy. Included are a durable protective carrying case and all the required adapters for compression measurement, making the gauge a suitable choice for a wide variety of tension/compression measurement applications.

KB Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 336

Locking safety switches offer adaptability

Banner has announced the SI-LS42 series locking-style safety switches, available with a choice of features for flexibility. These compact, robust units can be wired to machine safety control circuitry to keep a mechanical guard locked at up to 1,000 N of force until hazardous motion has come to a complete stop, making them suitable for use with two-channel emergency stop safety modules and gate monitor safety modules. Selectable features include two locking mechanisms, spring lock with energized solenoid release or energized solenoid lock with spring unlock, two stainless steel actuator types, rigid or flexible in-line, and a choice of solenoid voltages. The head rotates in 90-degree increments and can be positioned for either horizontal or vertical actuation, allowing engagement from eight positions.

Banner Engineering

Reader Service Card No. 334

Portable lift tables help prevent backache

Two lines of light-duty lifts raise and lower loads so that they are at the ideal height for assembly, fitting, sorting, packing and many other operations. Offering a compact footprint, the line of stationary lifts features lift capacities of 450 kg or 680 kg (1,000 lb or 1,500 lb) and a lowered height of just 140 mm (5 1/2 in.). The line of portable lifts permits easy manoeuvrability and positioning of loads of up to 680 kg (1,500 lb). Features include 150-mm (6-in.) swivelling casters and a floor lock. Maintenance is carried out through a hinged top that permits easy access to the power unit and the cylinders, and there are self-lubricated bushings on all pivot points.

Econo Lift

Reader Service Card No. 335

Fan includes adjustable- pitch impeller

Continental Fan Manufacturing’s line of MID MultiLine compact, direct drive mixed-flow fans incorporate an adjustable-pitch mixed-flow impeller, which may be factory set at five pitch settings, allowing for a range of performance. Features include moderate airflows, medium to high pressures, quiet performance and stall resistance at high pressures. Impellers are fabricated of spark-resistant aluminum, and housings are of steel. The entire fan is finished in powder-coat epoxy paint. Motors are available in single- and three-phase voltages, and with a variety of enclosures, including explosion-proof for hazardous locations. Five sizes are offered initially, with casing diameters from 12 in. through 24 in. Larger sizes are available on special order.


Reader Service Card No. 338

End effector has long tool cycle

EOA Systems, an operating unit of De-Sta-Co Industries, has introduced the BodyBuilder end effector system for press room and body shop robotic material handling. Features of this durable system include a stiff, lightweight boom, breakaway joints, CMM registration capability, crash recovery capability, integral air supply porting and enclosed grippers. Available in 90-mm, 60-mm and 30-mm extrusions, the boom features an octagonal structure, designed for the twisting and bending movements of a six-axis robotic arm. The system can be ordered pre-configured to customer specifications, or supplied as components, allowing customers to configure at their facilities.

De-Sta-Co Industries

Reader Service Card No. 307

Plastic silencers deliver cost savings

The AS series plastic exhaust silencers from Parker Pneumatic Division can represent as much as a 50% cost reduction over traditional metal silencers. Outside, the silencers are encased with plastic, making them lightweight and less expensive. Inside, the open surface area of the polyethylene element provides low back pressure and good noise reduction on pneumatic valving and components. Available in 1/8-in. to 1/2-in. NPT and BSPT threads, the silencers feature a compact design that allows for installation in areas where space is at a premium and improved efficiency of end-of-arm tooling is required.

Parker Pneumatic Division

Reader Service Card No. 339

Gear drives will come off the shaft

Falk has introduced a lifetime shaft removal guarantee, assuring that its Quadrive shaft-mounted gear drives will come off the shaft, regardless of length of service or operating conditions, or the company will replace the gear drive free of charge. This warranty is coupled with Falk’s standard, three-year heavy-duty warranty, providing full shaft-to-shaft protection on all Falk components, including bearings and seals. Quadrive gear drives are available for virtually all shaft-mounted drive applications in metric or inch drives to suit NEMA and IEC requirements.

The Falk Corporation

Reader Service Card No. 340

Hand winches come in many sizes

New from Jeamar Winches is a line of centre flange hand winches. This broad line features the ability to use two ropes off the drum at the same time. A wide range of sizes is available, offering gross line pulls from 550 lb to 11,000 lb. Automatic fail-safe braking is standard on all models.

Jeamar Winches

Reader Service Card No. 305

Bypass oil purification unit can be isolated for element change-out

Oil contamination causes 95% of all hydraulic system failures and costs industry millions of dollars each year. Triple R has introduced an addition to its line of oil purification products designed to combat unnecessary downtime caused by dirty oil. The large-capacity BU200 series bypass oil purification unit is for parallel flow through two 100-series elements, for 800-gal. hydraulic systems. The D100 double-stage element provides filtration for highly contaminated oil. Made from crepe-style cellulose-fibre filter paper, this long-life element uses the company’s tapered pore construction. It provides increased water contaminant capture without the risk of element deformation. Changing the elements takes only a few minutes. The bypass purification unit is turned off and isolated from the hydraulic system, so there is no downtime for changing or inspecting elements.

Triple R America

Reader Service Card No. 330

Industrial PC family has universal platform for compatibility

Siemens has introduced a family of industrial PCs, designed with a universal PC platform for use in all Siemens PC-based systems. Called the A&D Panel PC, it is a rugged, compact, high-performance box unit that can be installed in small and hard-to-reach spaces. With the addition of a front panel monitor, customers can use it for local visualization of processes and function sequences, including production, process and building systems automation. A special front panel with special software turns the unit into a numerical control for CNC functions. In addition, it also is available as a rack PC in a 19-in. housing for installation in control cabinets and consoles. The first of these units on the market, the password-protected Simatic Panel PC 670 features six unit fronts for a choice of screen designs and keyboards. Features include 100-mm to 130-mm mounting depth, Pentium II processor, high-luminosity panels, and standard front and rear USB interfaces complemented by Ethernet and Profibus interfaces integrated on the motherboard. This model is available in three
displays: 10.4 in. with 640 by 768 pixel resolution, 12.1 in. with 800 by 600 pixels and 15.1 in. with 1,024 by 768 pixels.


Reader Service Card No. 331

Hard cover protects drums

The weather-resistant two-drum roll-top hard cover from New Pig allows protective containment of drums with pumps or funnels in place, safely storing drums indoors or out. Included is a 22-1/4-cm low-profile pallet that puts drum accessories within easy reach. The upper door of the containment pallet cover rolls open with ease, providing quick, convenient access to pumps or funnels. The front swing-out doors are able to stay closed until customers need to load or unload drums. An optional ramp makes loading and unloading easy. The lockable, heavy-duty unit can be transported easily using a forklift, even when fully loaded.

New Pig

Reader Service Card No. 332

Insulator manufacturer develops custom silicone compound

A manufacturer of polymer insulators for T&D applications has developed its own silicone rubber compound for moulding high-voltage components. In formulating the compound, K-Line Insulators begins with a high-consistency rubber (HCR) from Dow Corning STI, then blends in additives to deliver a product whose benefits include long-term water repellancy, good dielectric properties, impact resistance and weatherability. The material is designed for a variety of applications, including dead-end/suspension insulators, line posts and station posts.

Dow Corning

Reader Service Card No. 333

Screwdriver reduces risk of RSI

Super Proto screwdrivers from Stanley-Proto Industrial Tools feature ergonomic handles that comfortably accommodate power grips for strength and pinch grips for accuracy. Made of two polymer materials, the robust, three-sided handle conforms to the natural contours of the hand, evenly distributing stresses between the hand and handle. It alleviates pressure on the wrist and minimizes the risks of repetitive strain injury (RSI), which is commonly associated with tools such as screwdrivers that require gripping and turning.

Stanley-Proto Industrial Tools

Reader Service Card No. 337

High-pressure pump handles tough jobs

The Elima-Matic E2-HP 2-in. stainless steel pump from Versa-Matic is designed to handle industrial high-pressure pumping needs, where system head pressures remain constantly at 50 psi or higher. Applications include filter presses, dewatering, platform transfer, paint and coating spray lines and mining. Built to withstand the most demanding conditions, this leak-free pump features the non-stalling, anti-icing, lubrication-free Elima-Matic air valve system.

York Fluid Controls

Reader Service Card No. 301

Portable dust collector rolls steadily through workplace

Designed to collect dust, fumes and smoke from grinding, graphite machining, welding, woodworking, ceramics, tool rooms and maintenance departments, the PCH series of portable dust collectors reduces airborne contaminants for a healthier and more productive work environment. These low-profile systems are completely self-contained and include the Airflow Systems E-Z high flow extractor arm, blower and the Vibra-Pulse filter cleaning system. Eight-inch diameter casters and a low centre of gravity enhance their stability and manoeuvrability. Also included are a heavy-duty 25-ft power cord and a cam-locking external dust drawer.

Airflow Systems

Reader Service Card No. 302

Zero-backlash actuator has hollow shaft

Harmonic Drive Technologies has introduced the PowerHub robotic actuator, a high-powered, zero-backlash, brushless actuator with a hollow shaft. This unit combines the compactness, configuration and performance of a direct drive with the low cost and controllability of a geared actuator. Its hollow middle allows vacuum lines, wiring, etc., to be run through its centre to external devices, including end-effectors or wafer paddles. Offering sub arc-minute accuracy, it is available in three sizes, 50 W, 100 W and 200 W.

Harmonic Drive Technologies

Reader Service Card No. 304

Firm offers tools for cutting, drilling, finishing

Designed for use with a wide range of materials, the line of cutting tools, endmills, abrasives, files and deburring tools from Reid Tool includes Iscar toolholders and carbide inserts, Precision Twist Drill endmills and drills, Starrett saw blades, Weiler and Standard Abrasives wheels and discs, and Clover lapping compound. For smaller project, the company carries Starrett hack saws, Grobet files and rifflers and Royal deburring tools. All tools are available for same-day shipping, and there is no minimum order requirement.

Reid Tool Supply

Reader Service Card No. 306

Heating blanket keeps drum contents from freezing

BriskHeat silicone rubber laminated drum heaters are electric resistance heaters in blanket form, designed for freeze protection and viscosity control. An optional thermostatic control ensures even heat distribution across the entire inner surface of the drum heater, preventing hot spots. The blanket maintains materials at elevated temperatures. Features include a low-watt-density electrical resistance heater, an exposure temperature of up to 450F, quick installation and moisture and chemical resistance.

Millar-Williams Hydronics

Reader Service Card No. 303

Marking kits increase plant safety

Brady’s Signmark Division recently developed the Visually Instructive Plant program to aid companies in creating safer, more productive work environments. Now, the company has made the process easier and more economical with the introduction of VIP Facility Marking Kits, which contain the necessary guidance, signs and make-it-yourself products for any facility identification situation. Most kits include the Brady VIP guide, a step-by-step manual divided into 20 sections that covers such areas as detailed cost justification information, a suggested training program outline and steps on how to develop a follow-up program and track the results of the new Visually Instructive Plant.


Reader Service Card No. 300

Hand winch stands up to sea spray

Jeamar’s line of seaworthy, corrosion-resistant aluminum hand winches is suitable for ships’ deck machinery or dockside applications. Cranking can be operated from either end of the wind, providing flexibility where space is limited. Three models are available, featuring line pull capacities of 440 lb, 1,100 lb and 1,760 lb. Completely automatic load-activated braking is standard on all models.

Jeamar Winches

Reader Service Card No. 348

Control station designed for explosion-prone environments

SpecOne control stations are designed to protect against explosions in hazardous areas. Able to accommodate every type of wiring system and termination, the series features NEMA 4X, IP66 enclosures using formed-in-place gaskets, and allows for a wide variety of control buttons with varying enclosure sizes. Two bottom openings allow for Zone 1 conduit, Meyers Hubs or cable glands, captive corrosive-resistant cover screws and enclosures, available in anti-static EExe materials. The control stations are NEC/CEC-compliant and have international approval.

Cooper Crouse-Hinds Canada

Reader Service Card No. 350

Prep tool gets into small boiler tubes

An air-powered right-angle I.D. clamping end prep tool that fits between small boiler tubes is available from Esco Tool. The compact, lightweight Ground Millhog features a push-pull clamping and release mechanism, with permanently attached wrenches, and provides torque-free performance. Designed to disengage from the tube as easily as it clamps, it requires only 1.5 in. radial clearance, performs any angle of bevel and produces a smooth, continuous chip without cutting oils. The tool can prep alloyed materials such as centrifugally cast inconel, stainless steels and tubes with a high percentage of chrome. Total sealing prevents loose pa
rts falling down tubes.

Esco Tool

Reader Service Card No. 352

Hand cleaner does its job without water or towels

Castrol Super Clean hand cleaner cleans dirty, greasy hands without the use of soap, water or towels. Squeeze a dime-size amount into the palm of one hand and then rub both hands together briskly until grease, dirt and glue loosen, flake and fall off. The formulation also conditions and protects the hands.

Castrol North America Consumer (Canada)

Reader Service Card No. 351

Electronic drain cuts maintenance costs

La-Man has introduced an electronic drain for removing condensed water from compressed air systems. The unit consists of a timer-operated solenoid valve and a drain. The timer can be set to open and close the valve at a predetermined time and for the desired duration, allowing built-up condensed water to drain from the system as the application requires. Easily installed on compressed air system piping, it is suitable for use on compressor tanks, surge tanks, receivers and drip legs.


Reader Service Card No. 353

Predictive maintenance system cuts machinery downtime

MachineXpert implements continuous condition monitoring systems to help manufacturers reduce machinery failures, minimize production downtime and eliminate premature maintenance and rebuilding costs. Its systems, developed and supported by SAIC, Compaq, Microsoft, PSDI, IMI, Mimosa and Oceana, are installed in a variety of applications in eight of General Motors Metal Fabricating Division’s 13 plants. The company also has supplied continuous monitoring systems for Ford, DaimlerChrysler, several tier one auto industry suppliers, Alcan Aluminum, International Paper and Milliken.


Reader Service Card No. 355

Cloth makes a clean sweep of greasy surfaces

The Scotch-Brite high-performance, multi-purpose cloth from 3M can be used dry or damp for smear-free clean-ups in manufacturing facilities. Its knitted, interwoven, water- and oil-absorbing microfibres lift and trap liquids, grease, dust and dirt particles. Applications include removing grease and silicone from injection-moulded parts, solvents, dust residue, abrasive residue, splatter from welding, compounds, polish residues, waxes and fingerprints. It does not scratch surfaces, but can pick up particles that do. Available in five colours, this durable, 32-cm by 36-cm cloth is resistant to common cleaning chemicals and is machine washable up to 95C.


Reader Service Card No. 358

Belt repair products prevent conveyor shutdowns

Fixmaster belt repair products from Loctite are durable urethanes designed for fast repair of conveyor belts and other rubber equipment. Products include Rapid Rubber Repair urethane, Flex Conveyor Belt Repair kit and Instant Belt Repair for temporary repairs. Static mixers and a manually operated repair gun are required to dispense the 400-ml cartridges of Rapid Rubber Repair urethane. A cleaner and etching agent also are available to enhance adhesion and bonding of the repair products.


Reader Service Card No. 361

Crane control radio transmitter replaces wired pendant

The Telemotive Belly Box transmitter from Berlet Electronics makes heavy-duty wireless remote control of overhead cranes easier, safer and more efficient. Made of lightweight, durable polymer, the radio transmitter is worn around the operator’s waist, attached only by a two-belt mounting, instead of the cumbersome harness required by heavier versions. It has a sealed electronics compartment for harsh industrial environments and is back-compatible with most existing Telemotive/Berlet 10K and 8000 series crane systems.

Berlet Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 356

Bench-mounted crimper makes hose assemblies fast

Parker Hannifin’s Hose Products Division has introduced Parker PHastkrimp, a fast-cycling crimper that together with Parker No-Skive hose and fittings can produce hundreds of assemblies an hour. The easy-to-use machine has the capability to crimp four-spiral SAE 100R12 hose through 1-1/4 in. and six-spiral 100R13 through 1 in. Available as portable, bench-mounted and floor-mounted units, it crimps both steel and stainless fittings.


Reader Service Card No. 357

Heavy-duty oil receives engine builder approvals

Petro-Canada’s Duron XL OW-30 heavy-duty engine oil has earned both Mack EO-M Plus and Cummins CES 20076 approvals, as well as CH-4/SJ, the latest API heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engine oil quality levels. A synthetic blend engineered for quick, unaided cold starts at temperatures as low as minus 45C and for increased engine protection at start-up, the oil is formulated from the company’s own advanced HT severely hydrocracked base oils and specialized additives.


Reader Service Card No. 359

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