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Shaft support rails are value-pricedRexroth Star has introduced a shaft support rail for open-type linear bushings with greater height tolerance. Featuring a tolerance zone of +/-0.05 mm to +/-0.1 mm,...

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Shaft support rails are value-priced

Rexroth Star has introduced a shaft support rail for open-type linear bushings with greater height tolerance. Featuring a tolerance zone of +/-0.05 mm to +/-0.1 mm, this rail also is available in flanged or flangeless versions for adaptation to the Alu-Star profile system. Since they require less precise machining, the rails are less expensive than other types. They are suitable for auxiliary guideways such as those used to guide machine room doors. Targeted matching of the shaft support rail to the respective linear bushing size ensures high rigidity.

Basic Technologies

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Bevel helical gearbox offers flexibility

The A120 bevel helical gearbox from BNA is offered in double or triple reduction, features a torque capability of up to 45,000 ft lb and complies with the most common output shaft requirements. To ensure trouble-free operation, the oil seals are positioned behind a retaining plate that protects them from contaminants and water. A wide range of options and accessories allows the gearbox to suit the various requirements of medium- to heavy-duty use in such applications as handling and lifting equipment, travelling cranes, agitators, mixers and fans.

BNA Bonfiglioli North America

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Modular welding filter is self-cleaning

The Nederman FilterMax is a high-capacity filtering unit designed for use in the welding industry. A modular system, it allows for up to three units to be stacked on top of each other. Cleaning of the unit is easy: a pulse jet system shoots short, powerful jets of air on to the filter cartridges, the particulate separates from the filters and falls down to the container below, which is then emptied. The high-performance filters are compact in design and feature shallow, open pleats for efficient cleaning. Cleaning takes place while the filter is in use, thus avoiding downtime.


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Instrument catalogue gets new look

The 2001 Controls & Gages catalogue, free from Dwyer Instruments, features more than 3,500 precision instruments, including over 40 new products. The catalogue has been redesigned for ease of use, and now includes more product-specific sections, which makes each instrument easier to find. Readers can look up any listed product in a detailed index. Also included are photos, descriptions, diagrams and prices.

Dwyer Instruments

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Sine encoder option expands linear motor line

Kollmorgen has released a high-resolution sine encoder option for its Platinum direct drive linear (DDL) frameless permanent magnet brushless servomotor. The sine encoder provides position information to the drive in the form of analogue sine/cosine signals. The drive then decodes the sine into a fine resolution to improve velocity control and repeatability, increase system stiffness and reduce position dither. Also, the sine encoder increases feedback accuracy to allow accurate positioning of the load. Typical applications are inspection, pick-and-place and gantry systems. The series is matched with the ServoStar digital amplifier family.


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Sensor monitors water content and temperature of system fluids

Water contamination in oil and other fluids can cause numerous problems such as additive depletion, oil oxidation, corrosion and microbial growth. The portable Pall WS04 water sensor monitors the amount of water in hydraulic, lubricating and dielectric fluids and fuel oils as a per cent of saturation. The battery-operated sensor is equipped with an LCD display that shows the relative water saturation and temperature of the fluid. At 90% saturation and higher, the display will flash, warning of an elevated water contamination level. Analysis takes just a few minutes.


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Bearing installs/uninstalls in a flash

Users who have experienced the difficulty of installing and removing bearings will appreciate the ease and speed with which Dodge’s metric ISN bearing can be put on and taken off a shaft. This complete, shaft-ready, mounted bearing, featuring the Imperial adapter mount system, can be installed in 15 min. The nut is turned clockwise to tighten the adapter on the shaft. The clearance is set automatically, and an easy-to-attach lock plate holds the adapter nut in place. To remove the bearing from the shaft, the lock plate is removed and the nut is turned counter-clockwise, which pushes the bearing off the adapter sleeve without marring the shaft. While running, the factory-lubricated bearing has a sealing system that provides 100% contact at 100% constant pressure. Available in 30-mm to 125-mm bore sizes, it is dimensionally interchangeable with the SN 500 standard (DIN 736/ISO 113-11).

Rockwell Automation

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Detector speedily identifies rotational direction of motors

The hand-held motor rotation detector from Bell & Gosset, a unit of ITT Industries, determines in seconds the rotation of any electric motor. This compact, sturdy device features a microprocessor that can sense the magnetic field of an energized motor and identify its rotational direction at the touch of a button. Suitable for anyone working on equipment with concealed motor shafts or covered rotating elements, it works on all 60-cycle, alternating-current motors and fits easily in a toolbox. The read-out is easy to see, even in poor light. Power is provided by a standard 9-V battery.

Bell & Gosset

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System is designed for pulsed MIG welding

New from Miller is the Millermatic Pulser, an all-in-one MIG system for pulsed welding that handles problems related to burn-through, warping, spatter and bead appearance. It comes with the Spoolmate 185 spool gun for welding aluminum and the M-15 gun for welding steel. Also available is the Maxstar 200, a flexible DC TIG/stick inverter-based power supply. Its Auto-Line feature allows it to accept input power ranging from 115 V to 460 V, single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz, without manual relinking. Weighing 37 lb, this portable unit has an output of 1 A to 200 A and produces code-quality TIG and stick arcs.

Miller Electric

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Dressing helps reduce drive belt deterioration

STS drive belt dressing extends belt life by improving traction and reducing belt tension and slippage. It forms a non-drying, water-resistant and chemically stable tacky coating that may be used indoors or out. Containing no 1,1,1-trichloroethane, CFCs or other ozone-depleting solvents, the formulation is suitable for application to flat, round or V-belts, extending the life of conveyor belts, pumps, generators, engines, turbines and fans. The dressing is available in 8-oz aerosol cans with 360-degree all-way spray valves.


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Steel putty makes fast, sturdy repairs

Formulated for rebuilding and repairing metal parts, Fixmaster steel putty from Loctite is a steel-filled, two-part epoxy that cures to a metal-like finish that can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed. The compound is suitable for repairing tanks, pipes and parts performing under typical dry service temperatures of minus 29C to plus 107C (minus 20F to plus 225F). Because it can be applied to overhead and vertical surfaces and conforms to odd shapes, the putty also is useful for filling cavitated areas and fastening odd-shaped parts. Once fully cured, the material has a tensile strength of 6,000 psi and a compressive strength of 13,000 psi. It is capable of bonding to metal, ceramic, wood, glass and some plastics.


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Air-bag lift tables are powered by shop air

The Econo Lift line of air-bag lift tables works entirely through the use of plant air. Mounted on spread plates to prevent strain on the frame, the ai
r bags are designed and constructed to provide many years of trouble-free service. Should maintenance be required, the hinged table provides easy access to the bags. Using hand pedestal or foot control for the air, operators can adjust the table to a comfortable working height, and so eliminate unnecessary bending and stooping. Loads of up to 2,720 kg (6,000 lb) can be accommodated. Depending on the model, the tables have one, two or four air bags.

Econo Lift

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Explosion-proof motor suits tough environments

Lincoln Motors has announced a line of Signature series explosion-proof AC motors for hazardous environments. Features include durable rolled steel or cast iron frames, premium Class B or F insulation systems, NEMA service factors, high-quality ball bearings and phosphate-coated drive shafts. All models have built-in thermal overload protection. Three-phase 60-Hz designs are inverter-rated for use with any drive, and 56 frame designs are available. Mounting options include C-face with feet and C-face footless.

Lincoln Motors

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Monitor detects insulation breakdown in transformers

Siemens has introduced a partial discharge monitor that can detect faults developing inside high-voltage transformers before they lead to serious problems. Such faults may be caused by aging components, mechanical malfunction or overloading. One of the most common failures in transformers is due to the erosion of insulation material. The partial discharge monitor has the ability to detect faults in the interior of the transformer, pinpointing the location of the fault. This means that repairs can be scheduled before extensive damage requires the equipment to be shut down.

Siemens Energy & Automation

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Temperature sensors feature clear digital display

New from Turck are two programmable temperature sensors. A dual setpoint model provides two programmable digital setpoints, and an analogue model offers one programmable digital setpoint and a 4-20-mA analogue output. These 24-VDC sensors employ the calorimetric principle to provide continuous and accurate temperature analysis of liquid or paste-like media in the automotive, welding, beverage, plastics, hydraulics and pulp and paper industries. Measuring temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, both models feature a four-digit, seven-segment digital display for clear viewing, and operate in temperatures from minus 40C to plus 120C (minus 40F to plus 248F).

Chartwell Electronics

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Heavy-duty line includes effluent, sump pumps

Ridge Tool has introduced a full line of sump pumps, utility and semi-trash pumps and sewage ejection pumps. Comprising 14 pumps, the AquaPro line features premium, durable materials, heavy-duty construction and high performance. Stainless steel motor housings and impeller plates withstand rust and corrosion, while cast-iron pumps and impellers offer long service life. The sump pumps are available in six models, the effluent pumps in three models. The utility and semi-trash models are available from 1/4 hp to 5-1/2 hp and capacities from 1,100 gph to 16,800 gph.

Ridge Tool Company

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Welding end prep tool’s new design makes for smoother operation

Redesigned for smoother operation, the Esco Millhog Mini Series welding end prep tool features a sealed construction to prevent contaminants from affecting its performance. It handles tube stub removal and other applications requiring a portable tool for on-site work, accommodating heavy-wall pipe and tube from 1-1/4-in. I.D. to 6-5/8-in. O.D. Weighing just 25 lb, this air-powered tool can perform multi-angle end preps and squaring-off. Standard features include the EscoLock wedge-lock blade holding system, TiN-coated cutter blades, a 1-1/4-hp air motor, filter, air hose with quick-disconnect couplers, lubricator, wrenches and metal carrying case.

Esco Tool

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Gate-monitoring safety module helps protect entry points

Banner’s dual-microcontroller-based GM-FA-10J gate-monitoring safety module, combined with mechanical or magnetic safety switches, increases gate-guarding reliability. This slim unit verifies proper operation of either one or two switches by monitoring a normally-open and a normally-closed contact set from each switch. It is of particular use in washdown applications, such as food processing and bottling, where repeated washdowns diminish the reliability of mechanically switched gate-guarding systems. Features include a self-checking, diverse-redundant microcontroller circuit and dual output channels, force-guided relay contacts, a DIN-rail-mountable enclosure and snap-out wiring terminal blocks.

Banner Engineering

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Degreasing solvent works fast

Sprayon S20847 Ultra-Force safety solvent and degreaser is a non-flammable, non-chlorinated cleaner that removes dirt, oil, grease and wax, evaporating quickly and leaving no residue. It has a dielectric strength of 15,000 V per mil. Safe to use on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and on Lexan, ABS and Noryl plastics, this non-ozone-depleting product will degrease aluminum, as well as clean both sheet and strip steel prior to galvanizing. Typical cleaning applications include electric motors, generators, air tools, brakes, clutches, chains, sprockets, wire rope, dies, moulds, relays, air conditioners and material-handling equipment. The solvent comes in an 18-oz aerosol spray can that is equipped with a high-delivery valve and a 5-in. extension tube for hard-to-reach areas.

Sherwin-Williams Canada

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Hand-held data collector checks machinery condition

The Entek Enpac from Rockwell is a Microsoft Windows CE-based hand-held data collector and signal analyzer for condition monitoring of machinery that does not require embedded or continuous monitoring systems. Measuring 7-1/4 in. by 5-1/4 in. and weighing less than 2 lb, this lightweight tool can be carried into any location in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, food and beverage, and chemical processing. Its lithium ion batteries allow extended use between rechargings. Features include digital signal processing, a 20-bit A/D converter, 16-Mb on-board memory and a built-in optical tachometer.

Rockwell Automation

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Condition-monitoring sensors can be removed during machinery repair

CSI has introduced a series of machine-condition-monitoring sensors engineered to recognize frequency responses up to 10 kHz, providing enhanced roller-bearing defect detection rates. The A0322 series consists of four sensors: a low-cost unit, a yellow-jacket unit, an armour-jacket sensor and a right-angle two-pin MIL sensor. Each sensor is waterproof, offers superior chemical resistance and withstands temperature ratings of 250F. Available with integrated cables from 10 ft to 150 ft, the sensors have a low-profile, quick-release stud mount design.

Computational Systems

Reader Service Card No. 318

Gearing line is expanded to suit more applications

Emerson Power Transmission has added new sizes and types to its series 2000 helical shaft-mounted gearmotors and speed reducers. Marketed under the US Gearmotor and Browning brands and designated as type MbN, these units have been available in a number of configurations, in five frame sizes (No. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25). Now a larger frame size, 26 MbN, has been added to the line, featuring output torque to 44,000 in./lb, input power up to 50 hp, gearmotors available to 50 hp, 320 T frame, and input C-face up to 326 TC frame. Applications include standard AGMA size 307 shaft mounts with C-face connections, belt conveyors, aerator drives and shredders. A high-ratio range MbN product also has been added in sizes from 22 through 26, for ratios up to 7,100:1.

Emerson Power Transmission

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Insulating panels muffle noisy machinery

Sonex panels from Illbruck insulate machinery to reduce noise from pumps, compressors and other machinery. This in turn reduces operator fatigue and stress caused by excessive noise. Trapping and dissipating sound waves, the panels can be mounted on walls, partitions or ceilings with standard construction adhesive. They are available in various thicknesses, finishes and materials, including Willtec, a foam that is Class 1 fire-rated for low smoke production and flame spread.


Reader Service Card No. 316

Moisture sensor warns of water contamination

The H2O Moisture Sensor from Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Filter Division is an addition to the company’s line of fluid filtration, purification and condition monitoring equipment. It provides a compact, inexpensive, real-time solution to continuous water contamination monitoring in most hydraulic and lubricating systems, alerting the operator to changes in water concentration within the operating system fluid.

Parker Hannifin Hydraulic Filter Division

Reader Service Card No. 319

Ceramic coating fights corrosion

Loctite’s Nordbak brushable ceramic is a smooth, ceramic-reinforced epoxy that provides a high-gloss, low-friction coating to protect against turbulence, abrasion and cavitation. Available in white and grey, it is designed for use in temperatures ranging from minus 29C to plus 93C (minus 20F to plus 200F). A red formulation resists temperatures to 288C (550F). The product is suitable for lining tanks and chutes, resurfacing rudders and pintel housings, and for repairing heat exchangers, condensers, cooling pump impellers, butterfly valves and cavitated pumps. In addition, the ceramic can be applied as a top coat over epoxy putties or Nordbak wearing compounds for applications requiring heavy surface rebuilding.


Reader Service Card No. 320

Catalogue provides in-depth description of disc couplings

Described in a 26-page catalogue from Lovejoy are features and specifications of Lovejoy/Jaure disc couplings. The couplings provide torsionally rigid, no-backlash operation, feature no wearing parts, and suit a wide range of applications. Included in the catalogue are an explanation of their benefits, including misalignment capability, an eight-step selection procedure and a checklist for proper coupling specification. Five basic design variations are overviewed, detailed and illustrated with axial cut-away drawings. A separate section advises on installation of hubs on shafts, machinery alignment and installation of the disc packs and spacer.


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Particle counter offers on-line fluid contamination analysis

Pall’s PFC200C portable laser particle counter allows users to quickly and accurately assess the cleanliness of industrial fluid systems. It features three sampling modes, high-pressure sampling from 50 psi to 5,000 psi sources, low-pressure sampling from sources up to 50 psi and bottle sampling. Three separate tests are performed for each sample, the data for which are reported in printed, on-screen and downloadable formats. Operation is simple via either the keyboard or barcode reader that is incorporated on the unit. Fluid applications include dielectric oils, honing oils, coolants (kerosene-type), fuels and automatic transmission fluids.


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Aluminum brochure provides welding solutions

An aluminum welding brochure is available from Miller Electric. The 10-page, full-colour brochure provides specifications and applications for the company’s welding and plasma cutting products used in light-, medium- and heavy-duty welding applications. Detailed are the challenges and solutions to welding this lightweight but durable metal.

Miller Electric

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Light can be used in areas subject to explosive gases

The Haztex portable hazardous-duty purge light from Woodhead provides task lighting in locations where combustible gases may be present. This wide-area light prevents the entry of explosive vapours into the unit, purging them with a continuous supply of fresh air. If the internal positive air pressure is not being maintained, the unit will cease to operate until it is restored. Applications include aircraft manufacturing, petroleum refining, waste treatment plants and mining, in locations where painting and coating, fuel storage or petroleum drilling and production take place. Weighing 16-1/2 lb, this robust, durable, easily maintained unit meets NEC standards for hazardous-duty lighting and is CSA-certified.

Woodhead Canada

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Plastic conveyor rollers are for washdown use

Technicor supplies PVC conveyor rollers using Ultra-Seal conveyor end bearings. Rollers are supplied with 5/16-in. threaded, spring-loaded stainless steel shafts, nuts and washers, which are easily adapted to 7/16-in. hex. Designed for washdown use, the rollers do not permit water or food to penetrate the tube. The most common sizes supplied are 1.90-in. and 2.375-in. O.D. rollers.


Reader Service Card No. 334MRO

Analog to digital converter mounts with tape

Setra’s Model 880 S.I.D. (Setra In-line Display) is a compact, low-power analogue to digital converter with a 3-1/2-digit LCD display, designed to be wired in line between a Setra pressure transducer and the user’s DAS and power supply. For use with voltage or current input devices, the device has two groups of ranges, which are jumper selectable: 147 to 750 and 750 to 1,999 counts. The lightweight unit can be mounted easily using the supplied heavy-duty double-sided tape, Velcro or strap kit. Optional bayonet connectors also are available.

Alpha Controls and Instrumentation

Reader Service Card No. 328

Digital multimeter series has a variety of features

Offering an advanced feature set to meet the needs of plant maintenance, electrical, control and process technicians, the Fluke 180 series digital multimeters provide 0.025% accuracy and 50,000 counts of resolution on a multiple reading display. Features include temperature measurement, real-time clock, data logging and PC communication. Comprising Models 187 and the more advanced 189, the series measures volts, ohms, amps and capacitance, as well as continuity and temperature in degrees C and degrees F. It also offers a diode test function. The meters are housed in a rugged case and come with probe holder, test leads, alligator clips and a user manual in 16 languages.

Fluke Electronics Canada

Reader Service Card No. 327

Machine condition monitoring system cuts downtime, costs

Thanks to its multiplexed single-cable bus, the Vibronet condition monitoring system for rotating machinery reduces hardware and installation costs, while providing advance warning of developing machine problems. The intelligent master unit controls switching among up to 36 sensors per multiplexer string, connected by only one cable. A rugged three-in-one accelerometer design cuts sensor costs by measuring vibration spectra, bearing condition and pump cavitation with the same transducer. A Microsoft Windows-based PC program allows on-line trending, alarm notification and diagnosis of all data, including temperature, rpm, pressure, etc. In addition, the system also can function in stand-alone mode, where values can be passed via modem to a central consultant for remote troubleshooting. External outputs allow connection to any type of PLC system or other measurement instruments.

Hyatt Industries

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Watertight cables are for underwater applications and more

Special jacketing designs and coating materials, and swelling fillers or tapes are used by Elocab Tailor-Made Cables to attack creeping moisture and avoid potential water damage in a variety of different cables. Swelling fillers consist of non-woven material loa
ded with polyacrylate powder, which swells instantly if attacked by water. Waterproof cables can be used in many industrial outdoor applications, ranging from power and control cables for container ports to fibre optics systems for all-weather conditions. Specific solutions can be created for almost any application, even for extreme down-hole and deep-sea operations.


Reader Service Card No. 335

Test and measurement buyers’ guide has 120 pages

An illustrated, priced catalogue featuring 120 pages of electronic test and measurement instrumentation is available from KB Electronics in Canada. Included is a full range of general-purpose test gear for plant maintenance and quality control applications. Highlighted among the many new items in this free catalogue are the complete line of Penta-Power DC motor controls, a general-purpose 20-MHz oscilloscope with built-in function generator, a full-function radiation monitor and the ST-Pro series of infra-red thermometers from Raytek.

KB Electronics (Oakville)

Reader Service Card No. 329

Motor control design software comes in budget version

A “Lite” version of the Constructor for Microsoft Windows electrical design and motor control design software program is now available. This program, from Schematic Design Software, is suited for training departments, students, apprentices or anyone who wants to improve their skills in ladder logic or electrical diagrams. Costing a fraction of the price of the full program, the light version has 65 plus symbols, versus the 200 symbols of the full program. It has 35 rungs with 10 symbols per rung.

Waltech Associates

Reader Service Card No. 330

Damper measures and controls in one unit

The Iris damper permits airflow to be adjusted and measured at one location, resulting in reduced field time and improved accuracy in air balancing. It uses interlocking steel plates and a calibrated control lever to form an adjustable aperture. By measuring differential pressure across the pressure ports, and referring to the matching performance curve, airflow can be determined precisely. Ten sizes are available, from 4 in. to 32 in., and capacities range from 15 cfm to 25,000 cfm. These easy-to-use, rugged dampers are manufactured of galvanized steel and fitted with a neoprene gasket for airtight mounting.


Reader Service Card No. 331

Brochure describes coating for aluminum parts

General Magnaplate has released a technical brochure, Magnaplate HCR, which describes its surface enhancement technology for aluminum and aluminum alloys. The harder-than-steel coating enhances aluminum parts by adding increased hardness, corrosion, abrasion, chemical and moisture resistance, mould release, high dielectric strength and low co-efficient of friction. The brochure details the thicknesses and tolerances of the Magnaplate HCR coating. Results of a salt spray test are shown, which demonstrate a coating of 0.002 in. withstanding 15,000 hours and offering over 40 times the minimum protection required by military specifications. A Taber Abrasion table shows weight loss of 10 mg or less after 10,000 cycles.

General Magnaplate Canada

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Plastic conveyor rollers are for washdown use

Technicor supplies PVC conveyor rollers using Ultra-Seal conveyor end bearings. Rollers are supplied with 5/16-in. threaded, spring-loaded stainless steel shafts, nuts and washers, which are easily adapted to 7/16-in. hex. Designed for washdown use, the rollers do not permit water or food to penetrate the tube. The most common sizes supplied are 1.90-in. and 2.375-in. O.D. rollers.


Reader Service Card No. 334

Multi-gas monitor stands up to tough conditions

The Industrial Scientific MG140 multi-gas monitor from Acklands-Grainger is a low-cost instrument designed for a variety of gas monitoring applications. It constantly monitors the air and displays the concentration of oxygen, combustible gases, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. A 90-dB alarm and a bright visual alarm alert the user that gas concentrations have exceeded the preset limits. Featuring a high-visibility, enamel-coated stainless steel case for durability, the instrument offers three battery options: nickel cadmium and disposable lithium or 9V.


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PHOTO 337.D00

Drum tray keeps work areas contaminant-free

The Ultra-DrumTray is a 100% polyethylene containment tray designed to collect and contain drips and overflow that can occur when filling 30-gal. and 55-gal. drums. Easy to clean and chemical-resistant, it also can be used to contain the residue from pump-out operations. An optional bottom grate keeps the drum 2-5/8 in. off the bottom and out of spilled liquids, and this option can turn the tray into a secondary containment unit for batteries and 5-gal. pails. An optional caster dolly offers mobility.

Fred Cressman Sales

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PHOTO 338.D00

Screw conveyor comes in standard or custom configurations

Lorenz has added Lorenz screw conveyors to its line of bulk handling equipment. These economical conveyors are manufactured in standard CEMA configurations in sizes from 4 in. up to 24 in. In addition, they can be custom manufactured to customer requirements. They can be used to convey materials up and down, horizontally and in two directions. Stainless steel is the mateBrushless servo amplifier is tinyAdvanced Motion Controls has introduced a compact, 1.3-kW brushless servo amplifier. The pulse width modulated 15A series provides up to 90-VDC, 15-A peak output in a package measuring 1 in. high by 3 in. wide by 5 in. long that fits in a shirt pocket. It weighs just 10 oz. All models are covered by over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and short circuit protection.Electromate Industrial SalesReader Service Card No. 339PHOTO 340.D00Conveyor merge unit takes little spaceThe combined LS-Q50 in-line merge conveyor and C-square conveyor from Sadler is designed to merge cases or totes from one line into another, when both conveyors are parallel and side by side. The C-square features a small footprint for use in areas where space is restricted, while the in-line merge unit offers the flexibility of multiple line routing. Together they offer space savings in distribution, shipping and production environments. They come in standard widths of 15 in., 21 in. or 27 in. between frames.SadlerReader Service Card No. 340PHOTO 326.D00Mini-motor packs a punchAPI Motion has introduced its smallest step motor, a 10-mm diameter unit, the MSD-10, which supplies high speed and low inertia in a compact package. It has a high power-to-size ratio and makes use of the company’s disc magnet motor (DMM) technology. Speeds of up to 10,000 rpm are attainable, with a holding torque of up to 1.8 mNm. The motor can be driven in full step mode at 24 steps per revolution or microstepped. It can be used in applications where positioning, acceleration or small size is essential, such as in fibre optic telecommunication applications.Electromate Industrial SalesReader Service Card No. 326

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