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LK Metrology Portable Measuring Arms

February 13, 2020 | By MRO Magazine

Photo: LK Metrology.

LK Metrology is now in the 3D articulating arm metrology systems space with the launch of a range of 24 portable measuring arms, Freedom.

Available is a six-axis model and a seven-axis version. Both are available in two accuracy levels and the four products come in six sizes with a reach of up to five meters.

“The solutions we can offer customers is greatly expanded by the new range of arms,” said Brian Samson, North American Managing Director. “Their portability is especially well suited for line-side measuring and inspection in factories, while their compactness makes them ideal for use on machine tools for in-process quality control.

The six-axis arms for tactile inspection are named FREEDOM classic and FREEDOM select, the former being the entry-level model and the latter the enhanced accuracy version with a calibration bar. The seven-axis arms, in two accuracy versions, are called FREEDOM classic scan and FREEDOM select scan. The touch probing accuracy of all FREEDOM arms is certified to ISO 10360-12 before delivery and may be supplied with a variety of aluminum and carbon fiber probe kits, styli, mounting rings, tripods, rolling stands, and carts.


“The platform is also particularly appropriate for reverse engineering applications, virtual assembly design environments and 3D modelling. Moreover, if very high precision tolerances do not have to be measured, a portable arm is a cost-effective way to progress from manual to CNC metrology.”

A notable feature of the arms is the inclusion of absolute rather than incremental rotary encoders to feed back the angular position of every joint to the control software.


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