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LiteSpeed Washdown Door

September 24, 2018 | By MRO Magazine

LiteSpeed Washdown High Performance Door by Rite-Hite helps to keep a high-speed door clean in food operations. Complete with curtain retention of up to 0.2 InWC, it meets clean Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines established by the Food & Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture.

The PVC vinyl curtain of the LiteSpeed Washdown operates on a stainless-steel frame designed without a header and motor shrouds. Heat-sealed vinyl and optional urethane curtains stand up to caustic cleaning chemicals used in a typical washdown application.

The roll-up design translates into a smaller physical footprint and peak operating speeds of 65 inches/second with its powerful, one horsepower motor. The motor is coated to withstand regular cleanings. A seven-inch LCD touchscreen graphic user interface allows trouble shooting at the door opening.

Using available safety presence sensors and an LED countdown, personnel working near the door are likely to avoid a collision. However, if the LiteSpeed Washdown is bumped or impacted, the TRUE Auto re-feed will automatically reconfigure the door back on its tracks.


Additional safety features include optional full-width vision panel, and Virtual Vision, which use presence-sensing technology to alert workers if someone is approaching from the other side of the door.



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