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Variable speed motor suits a variety of usesInvensys Brook Crompton has introduced the fully-integrated variable speed motor (VSM) as part of its W motor product range. Available in both North America...

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Variable speed motor suits a variety of uses

Invensys Brook Crompton has introduced the fully-integrated variable speed motor (VSM) as part of its W motor product range. Available in both North American (NEMA) and international (IEC) sizes and power supplies, the VSM offers 3,600/3,000 and 1,800/1,500 rpm ratings between 0.5 kW and 7.5 kW (0.75 hp and 10 hp). It is robust, efficient, low-noise, space-saving and can be installed quickly. Its flexible design makes it suitable for variable and constant torque applications, including pumps, fans, conveyors, centrifuges and automated production lines or shuttles.

Invensys Brook Crompton

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Digital controller uses USB port

The DMC-2000 Series of motion controllers from Galil Motion Control are now available with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface, eliminating the need to install cards into dedicated PC slots. They are available in 1- through 8-axis formats, enabling control of both step and servo motors on any combination of axes.

Electromate Industrial Sales

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Cycloidal speed reducer operates silently

Operating without vibration, Transcyko cycloidal speed reducers can absorb high shock loads in excess of 500%. Reduction ratios offered are 6:1 through 119:1 per stage, through 7,569:1 double and 658,503:1 triple reduction. Available in a wide range and combinations of sizes, ratios, input power, mountings and configurations, these quiet-running units are compatible with current cycloidal reducers on the market.

Hyatt TSC Reducers

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Brochure details washdown motor line

Rockwell Automation has released a brochure featuring the Reliance Electric washdown-duty AC motors for severe wet and corrosive environments. This full-colour, four-page brochure features photographs, as well as two labelled motor cutaway photos depicting the features of the Easy Clean and Super Clean motor lines. Two function/benefit charts help the reader choose the right motor for applications in the food, beverage and packing industries, or any industry where wet, harsh environments are a factor.


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Brushless motor maintains continuous high speeds

The MBP-132 three-phase sensorless brushless motor from API Motion features ironless winding technology. This slotless design uses an enhanced magnetic circuit made of high-energy rare earth magnets and high-grade laminations. Capable of delivering 2 mNm of continuous torque at speeds up to 20,000 rpm, the 13-mm motor exhibits no detente torque, low iron losses and good velocity smoothness. It is well suited for spindle applications that require continuous high speed such as in pumps, chopper wheels and fans.

Electromate Industrial Sales

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Broad motor line is robust

Robust motor lines from Bison are available off-the-shelf from distributors or custom designed for various applications. Catalog SF features gearmotors, reducers and motors, the 800 Series includes single- and double-reduction, AC & DC, right-angle gearmotors, the Inverter Duty line has variable-speed, constant-torque AC gearmotors, and the Multi-Tech models feature NEMA 23 and 34 precision gear reducers. According to Bison, the use of high-quality components results in up to 200% more torque than typical, resulting in a lower cost per in.-lb of torque, a more compact product and longer service life. The product lines range from 1/55 hp to 3 hp.

Bison Gear & Engineering

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Motor/drive system makes upgrade cost-efficient

Kollmorgen has released the ServoStar 600 motor and drive system for 230-V and 480-V applications, matching it with the GoldLine XT series servomotor. The voltage flexibility allows machine designers to use the amplifier with their present 230-V systems and easily upgrade to 400-V or 480-V operation without changing the drive cabinet. The system features current ratings of 3 A to 20 A with an integrated power supply. Installation and set-up are performed through a built-in parameter unit or a simple graphical environment called MotionLink.


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Power ratings added to sub-micro drive line

AC Technology has added three power ratings to its SCF series of sub-micro drives, 15 hp, 20 hp and 25 hp. These new models offer operating and programming flexibility to those who need to power AC motors with controllers that are full-featured, compact and economical. Measuring just 9.75 in. high by 6.68 in. wide by 8.00 in. deep, they can be configured from the front or from an optional remote keypad for almost any need, such as reversing, jog or multi-speed.

AC Technology

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Soft starter prevents torque-induced stress

The Simplified Motor Soft-Start (SMSS)) is a compact, self-contained, economical solution for reducing stress in low-horsepower, three-phase motors and drive components caused by instantaneous, across-the-line (hard) starts. It is particularly useful for soft-starting blower motors, refrigeration systems, air compressors and other simple on/off motor control applications. An on-board potentiometer allows users to gradually ramp up starting torque by means of adjusting the time required to attain full motor running speed from 0.5 sec. to 1.5 sec. Four models are available.


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DC injection brake safely stops spinning motors

A high-performance electronic DC injection brake that monitors the rotation of any spinning AC induction motor and automatically stops it has been introduced by Waddington Electronics. Easy to install on most rotating equipment, the Dyna-Stop II improves operator safety by eliminating spin-down and permits faster tool changes to reduce production cycle times. The stopping time can be changed by adjusting the torque potentiometer on the brake. Applications include drills, lathes, grinding wheels, punch presses, saws and related equipment.

Waddington Electronics

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Brushless servomotor has rugged design

Pacific Scientific’s series of PMA brushless servomotors offers a wide voltage range, from 240 VAC to 480 VAC, frame sizes from 70 mm to 190 mm and a continuous rated torque range of 0.5 Nm to 54 Nm for a wide range of applications. Featuring a rugged construction, the series includes CE compliance and an IP67 rating on selected models. The units suit many applications, such as packaging, semi-conductor manufacturing, textiles, robotics and printing. Sixteen models are available to meet the needs of a global customer base.

Pacific Scientific

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Digital protection relay warns of looming motor trip

The Solcon MPR 6 microprocessor-based relay is designed to protect three-phase electric induction motors. True RMS line currents are measured at a sampling rate of 0.5 msec. The relay offers 20 protection functions and the ability to select each protective circuit as Alarm, Trip, both or none. Full control and supervision is available through the RS-485 serial link and Modbus RTU communication protocol. When current exceeds the overload setting, a built-in algorithm calculates the time until the motor will be tripped, enabling the operator or host computer to take corrective action before tripping. After the relay has tripped the motor, it calculates the time delay until the motor can be restarted after cooling down.

Linco Power

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Drive/motor adds DeviceNet connectivity

The Allen-Bradley 1329I integrated AC drive/motor from Rockwell Automation now features DeviceNet connectivity, providing users remote access to process information, allowing real-time programming to control parameters. As part of this connectivity, the drive/motor will allow access to 17 drive display parameters
and 37 drive program parameters. The DeviceNet option can view or change any of the drive program parameters using RSNetworks for DeviceNet or DeviceNet Manager. For example, users can program specific frequency requirements to adjust motor-shaft speed to meet unique application needs.

Rockwell Automation

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