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Larson Electronics 3P Delta Buck and Boost Step-Up Transformer

April 15, 2019 | By Mario Cywinski

Larson Electronics released a three-phase Delta buck and boost 50/60Hz transformer. It provides protection against critical equipment failures by isolating the power source from the connected device.

The 2.48 kVA unit provides 208V Delta with 6.88 amps on the primary side and 230V Delta with 6.25 amps on the secondary side. This unit’s cores are manufactured with non-aging, cold-rolled silicon steel laminations and are energy efficient. This unit is suitable for indoor or outdoor use with a NEMA 3R painted steel enclosure.

The transformer can be wall or floor mounted and features 180˚C insulation with a 115˚C temperature rise. Precision cut aluminum transformer winding material improves performance with close tolerances used during manufacturing to eliminate burrs.

Applications include use with air conditioners, lighting systems, and heating elements.




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