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Joral Introduces Sensor Fusion Inclinometer

July 26, 2018 | By MRO Magazine

Joral LLC announces a G-force compensated inclinometer that provides feedback for pitch, yaw, and roll. The new technology utilizes sensor fusion, which combines more than one complementary sensing method.

The new Joral SGAM and DGAM incline sensors take input by a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer to provide a three-axis output for X, Y, and Z as well as new feedback for pitch, yaw, and roll.

The GAM Series sensor provides steady feedback during motion, allowing users to eliminate complex sensor networks with a single G-force compensated inclinometer. Users can place one Joral GAM Series sensor on the application to get real-time feedback.

Rated with a standard environmental protection of IP67, the GAM series sensors are 100 per cent encapsulated. Designed to eliminate the drawback of accelerometer based incline sensors, the SGAM and DGAM inclinometers are J1939 capable, and available in a convenient form factor with common connection options.



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