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IO-Link photoelectric sensors

Maryam Farag   

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Manufacturing maintenance manufacturing products

Photo: Carlo Gavazzi.

Carlo Gavazzi expanded the PD30 Photoelectric Sensor family with IO-Link, featuring configurations, preventative maintenance capabilities, and special application functions.

Carlo Gavazzi introduced four application functions pre-programmed into these sensors: speed and length, pattern recognition, divider/counter, and object and gap monitoring functions.

An IO-Link configurator (such as Carlo Gavazzi’s SCTL55 Handheld IO-Link Smart Configurator) is required to change sensor settings during initial installation. The application functions can also be used without an IO-Link operating environment.

The sensors feature a range of sensing modes, including diffuse-reflective, retro-reflective, polarized reflective, retroreflective PointSpot, background suppression, background suppression PointSpot, and foreground suppression, emitters (infrared or visible red), and housings (plastic or stainless steel).



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