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Industrial cleaning machine blasts with crushed ice cubes

March 17, 2017 | By MRO Magazine

Vancouver – Water and ice have been around since the dawn of time; we drink it, rely on it for power and grow food with it. Water is essential for humanity to live and thrive. Yet, for something as key to life as water, millions of gallons are wasted each year on industrial cleaning applications. As water consumption is being recognized as a global environmental threat, a new technology has emerged poised to change the industrial cleaning industry.

This innovative cleaning technology was developed by a company in British Columbia, Canada. Instead of using liquid water, they are using crushed ice. In doing so, a better cleaning result can be achieved with 90% less water usage. The technology is so effective that it eliminates the need for other cleaning technologies, such as dry ice and abrasive blasting.

Coulson Ice Blast has just announced the release of their IceStorm90 unit.  Coulson Ice Blast is the industrial cleaning technology division of the family owned Coulson Group of companies known for their aerial firefighting operations worldwide.  The IceStorm90

uses regular ice as a blast media for cleaning, made from tap water or purchased from an international network of ice cube distributors.


To spearhead this revolutionary cleaning technology, Coulson Ice Blast, in partnership with their ice cube distributors, is offering 1,000,000 pounds of free ice media, delivered as needed, to their customers. [Conditions apply.  Learn more at].

Coulson Ice Blast strives to achieve spotless surfaces, clear lungs and a healthy environment, at reduced cost, by making ice the blast media of choice for industrial cleaning applications.

Source: Coulson Ice Blast


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