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Temperature monitoring system offers thermocouple input/outputThe Raytek Thermalert GP line comprises a versatile, two-piece, infra-red temperature monitoring system, now with thermocouple input and o...

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Temperature monitoring system offers thermocouple input/output

The Raytek Thermalert GP line comprises a versatile, two-piece, infra-red temperature monitoring system, now with thermocouple input and output for types E, J, K, N, R, S and T. This low-cost, non-contact system combines a compact 1/8th DIN monitor with a rugged temperature sensing head and provides target temperature readings with 1% accuracy. Temperature data is displayed on a four-digit LED, and all monitor and sensor functions are easily configured via the user interface on the front panel. Low-temperature industrial applications include plastics, paper, printing, ovens, dryers and machinery maintenance. Also available is the Thermalert GPR sensor with an 8-14 micron head, which combines current loop driven signals for noise-free cable runs with high-resolution 35:1 optics. It has a temperature measurement range of minus 18C to plus 538C (0F to 1,000F). The meter also accepts input from the miniature Thermalert GPM head.

Anderson Controls

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Linear motion series features plug-‘n’-play convenience

THK has introduced the Sabre series of linear servo actuators, which takes less than 10 minutes to set up from box to wired. This LSA series is available in complete, ready-to-run packages. Its flexible design permits easy customization and accommodation of other manufacturers’ amplifiers. Operation is at up to 4 m/sec. at 0.3 micron digitized encoder resolution and at forces up to 1,080 N. Extremely rapid accelerations can be achieved. The linear encoder and magnets are fully enclosed for protection and virtually maintenance-free operation. Also, the cable carrier is easily field-replaceable, and the entire cabling layout has easy assembly connectors. The series is offered in three standard carriage/coil lengths and 12 standard base lengths.

THK America

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Oil mist filtering system requires little attention

The Niederman NOM series of oil mist collectors comes in three models, the NOM 600, NOM 1000 and the NOM 2000. Constructed of long-life materials that require minimum care, the oil mist filters allow for low power consumption. They are self-draining, allowing for 24-hour operation if required. The system guarantees an oil mist separating level of 99.99%. Applications include centreless grinding, CNC-operation machines, turning, grinding, drilling, polishing, shearing and sawing.

Nederman Canada

Reader Service Card No. 310

Blanket heater keeps drum contents warm

The BriskHeat silicone rubber laminated drum heater is an electric resistance heater in blanket form, offering freeze protection, viscosity control, melting of solids and maintenance of materials at elevated temperatures. An optional thermostatic control ensures even heat distribution across the entire inner surface of the drum heater, eliminating hot spots and overheating. Features include a low watt density electrical resistance heater, an exposure temperature of up to 450F, quick installation, and moisture and chemical resistance.

Millar-Williams Hydronics

Reader Service Card No. 311

Steel coil handling equipment is for use in steel processing facility

A steel coil inverter/rotator designed for steel processing plants has been developed by Pentalift Equipment. Engineered to rotate a 60,000-lb steel coil 90 degrees from a horizontal to a vertical position, the inverter features dual-direction, full-load rotation capabilities. Its heavy-duty direct gear and chain drive actuation provide precise, smooth and safe rotation. A safety brake system holds the load securely at any point of rotation.


Reader Service Card No. 312

Magnetic drill comes in two models

Walter has introduced two high-performance magnetic drilling units that can reduce the cost of production and on-site drilling of large holes in steel. Model A-731 is a small but powerful unit for confined spaces, allowing easy one-hand portability on the job site. Maximum cutting capacity with annular cutters is 1-1/4 in. The versatile Model A-742 covers a full range of drilling applications with HSS or carbide tipped annular cutters. It features a high-torque, two-speed motor and maximum cutting capacity of 2 in. Both models include a strong double-coil magnet for secure holding power in all drilling positions, a fully integrated tool holder and a gravity-feed lubrication system. A sturdy carrying case and a full set of accessories come as standard.


Reader Service Card No. 313

Space-saving epicyclic drive is versatile

Andantex has introduced a compact Type SA epicyclic* drive that can be used as a differential to control web tension via precise speed adjustment, correct register, and balance speed and torque, or as a speed reducer with standard ratios from 2:1 to 260:1. The drive is available in 10 sizes, with torque capacities up to 2,500,000 in-lb. The nylon injection assembly procedure provides maximum torque capacity in minimum space and overload protection all in a self-contained, splash-lubricated housing. The differential consists of three elements (case-planet carrier, torque arm sleeve sun-gear and central bore sun-gear), which are connected mechanically by gears. The drive is suited for use in machine tools and metalworking machinery, pulp, paper and printing equipment, wire and steel manufacturing, textile processing and food machinery. *Editor’s Note: The term epicyclic, which connotes a small circle moving around the circumference of a larger one, comes from the Greek epi (upon) and kuklos (circle.)


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Heavy-duty ball bearings have long-life features

Now available from Rexnord’s Link-Belt Bearing Division is a 12-page Series 300 heavy-duty ball bearing catalogue. The catalogue illustrates the bearing’s features, including super-finished bearing races for effective lubrication, high speed, long life and quiet operation. Also included is information on PL-Y300 RAO interchange bearings and P-U3K00 adapter-mounted heavy-duty ball bearings. The RAO interchange bearings include a cam-lock, wide inner ring and a double-lip contact seal for high contamination applications. The P-U3K00 adapter-mounted bearing design provides good holding power and automatic centring for concentric shaft fit, which maximizes shaft-bearing balance.


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Drive locking extension keeps socket in place

Proto drive locking extensions are designed to retain sockets and attachments to prevent accidental disengagement. The extensions feature a one-piece design without the use of pins, set screws or other devices that tend to fail with wear. A double-band knurl provides a non-slip surface when turning the extension manually. Available in 1/4-in., 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. drive sizes, they keep sockets or other accessories attached without slipping off and lodging out of reach. Users can remove and replace sockets easily by pulling the release collar.

Proto Industrial Tools

Reader Service Card No. 316

Training video teaches safe use of hoists/slings

Summit Training Source has introduced a hoists and slings safety training video that trains workers on proper procedures to prevent material lifting accidents. This broad-based program covers a wide range of uses for hoists and slings in different industries. Types of hoists and slings featured include hand-operated, air- or electric-powered wire rope, electric chain-operated and vacuum-powered models. Training topics include types of slings and hoists and their proper uses, factors to consider when making a selection, inspection procedures, best safety practices, load handling and safe use, care and storage.

Summit Training Source

Reader Service Card No. 323

Thin-section bearings come in a wide range of sizes

Koyo thin-section bearings, designed for the robotics industry, are single-row types avail
able as radial ball bearings, angular-contact ball bearings and four-point-contact ball bearings. Six tolerance classes are offered in sizes ranging from 1 in. to 40 in. in the bore. A range of sealed bearings is available with bore sizes from 4 in. to 6 in. Manufactured in inch series only, the bearings also are used in optical and measuring equipment and machine tools.

Koyo Canada

Reader Service Card No. 317

Low-friction bearing block has low profile

Thomson Industries has developed a self-lubricating, low-profile pillow block, the FluoroNyliner bearing block. By combining bearing and pillow block in one unit, packaging equipment designers can accommodate tight space requirements, while reducing costs and the number of components. This space-saving bearing block eliminates the bushing by bonding the fluoropolymer composite liner to the pillow block’s inside diameter. Exhibiting a low co-efficient of friction, the self-lubricating liner delivers smooth, consistent motion, even in heavy particulate or washdown environments. In addition to linear motion, the unit also can be used for rotary or oscillating motion. It comes in industry-standard sizes from 1/2 in. to 2 in.

Thomson Industries

Reader Service Card No. 318

Absorbent pan soaks up messy drips

The chemical-resistant, spill-proof Pig Pan from New Pig catches messy leaks and drips and keeps them off the floor. Needing only a 3-in. clearance, it can be placed under machines, spigots, forklifts, drums and in other places, where it will soak up to 100 oz of liquid. Cleanup is easy: simply replace the saturated pan with a new one. There is no shovelling or sweeping to be done, thus productivity is increased.

New Pig

Reader Service Card No. 319

Software links machinery condition data to work schedule planner

Computational Systems’ electronic interface connection, RBMware link, transfers equipment condition diagnosis and status information between its 32-bit reliability-based maintenance software, RBMware, and PSDI’s Maximo maintenance management software. Once a diagnosis has been made regarding the machinery’s condition, such as misalignment, bad bearing or imbalance, the information can be sent directly to the Maximo CMMS package for work order creation. Other information, including the analyst ID, equipment name, urgency of the problem, the priority and recommendations for repair also can be sent to the Maximo maintenance planner, which receives the information and makes a judgment as to approval, and then schedules and processes the work order. When work orders are performed, the program can send back information to the RBM analyst, such as the work that was performed, costs associated with work performed, confirmation of diagnosis and scheduled dates of work to be performed, plus any follow-up actions. CSI recently has released Version 4.31 of RBMware, containing significant upgrades.

CSI (Computational Systems Inc.)

Reader Service Card No. 326

Lubricant provides extreme- temperature protection

STS Teflon Lube PTFE provides long-lasting lubricity even in extreme temperatures ranging from minus 46C to plus 260C (minus 50F to plus 500F). It forms a thin, dry, non-gumming, low-surface-friction coating that is safe for use on metals, glass, rubber and most plastics. It repels water, oil, dirt and other contaminants and contains no CFCs, 1,1,1-trichloroethane or other ozone-depleting solvents. Typical applications include lubricating wire pulling devices, pulleys, connector rings, bearings, shafts, gears, wheels, fasteners, bushings and tools. It is available in 10-oz aerosol containers.


Reader Service Card No. 321

Tools are for retaining ring installation

Rotor Clip offers retaining ring applicators that enable users to install rings quickly and correctly on to a shaft without turning the tool. Featuring various handle styles, the applicators are available in straight, 45-degree, 90-degree and offset configurations for a wide range of applications. Also offered are retaining ring dispensers, designed to be used with applicators, which eject a single ring at a time. Two models are available, spring-rail and heavy-duty, designed for fast, easy loading of tape-stacked retaining rings.

Rotor Clip

Reader Service Card No. 322

Radial bristle brushes prepare surfaces safely

An alternative to metal wire brushes and abrasive-filled nylon brushes, 3M 6-in. radial bristle brushes are abrasive-filled bristles for use with a bench motor for cleaning and surface preparation applications. Although the bristle discs eliminate the danger of flying metal wires, users nevertheless should wear goggles, face shields and protection for hands, arms and body. Durable yet flexible, these brushes, which comprise multiple bristle discs, conform to contours but also work on flat surfaces. Suitable for maintenance and repair operations, utility applications, coating removal, weld cleaning, deburring and finishing, these durable discs are available in grades 36, 50 and 80 and are colour-coded for easy identification.


Reader Service Card No. 325

Absorbents provide cost-effective cleanup of spills

Can-Ross has introduced two absorbents to the Spill Busters product line. General maintenance pads and rolls provide an inexpensive but effective method to clean up industrial spills. Consisting of a cellulose-based absorbent, these products have a pick-up ratio of up to 10 times their own weight with a retention in excess of 95%. They can be used with hydrocarbon and aqueous-based materials.

Can-Ross Environmental Services

Reader Service Card No. 327

Servo-pneumatic linear motion system offers precise multi-point positioning

Tol-O-Matic has introduced PrecisionAire, a servo-pneumatic linear motion system that offers accurate and repeatable positioning at multiple programmed points, regardless of stroke length. By combining a pneumatic mechanical system with an electric control system, this compact, economical system can stop precisely at programmed points to plus or minus 0.010 in. in stroke lengths up to 18 ft. Capable of speeds up to 100 ips, its accuracy and repeatability are unaffected by changes in load, line contamination, minor pressure changes or vertical/horizontal orientation. A Rheonetic magnetic particle brake is used for precise position control.


Reader Service Card No. 329

Brochure details products for use in pulp and paper industry

Rockwell Automation has published a new brochure for the pulp and paper processing industry. A resource for pulp and paper industry personnel seeking a complete automation solution to their most demanding applications, the eight-page, four-colour brochure features 22 colour photographs of the Dodge and Reliance Electric brand product line. Designed specifically for this industry, the products include Dodge bearings, speed reducers, couplings, pulleys and drive components, along with Reliance Electric motors and drives. The brochure folds out to reveal a diagram of a typical pulp and paper facility. A detailed legend identifies the various applications.

Rockwell Automation

Reader Service Card No. 330

Air/solvent mix cleans spray guns, cuts solvent use

Solvent Savers from DeVilbiss are easy-to-use cleaning products designed to speed up the equipment cleaning process, save solvent, reduce VOC emissions and save finishing operators time. They use compressed air to push a blast of air and solvent through fluid passages of spray guns, hoses, etc., to clean them. Metering permits variations in the air/solvent mix. The Solvent Saver is equipped with a metering valve, safety valve, 1/4-in. NPS air and 3/8-in. NPS fluid connection. The company has recorded a solvent saving of up to 86%. The product is available with a 2-qt. cup and a 2-gal. tank.


Reader Service Card No. 331

Absorbent pad protects rooftops from vented oil

Oil and other airborne contam
inants that vent on to industrial facility rooftops cause roof damage and pollute the environment when carried from the rooftop by stormwater. The absorbent G2 Grease Guard Rooftop Defense System fits around the outlet and contains these contaminants. This non-combustible, rain-proof containment system is UL listed.

Fred Cressman Sales

Reader Service Card No. 328

Spherical roller bearings offer choice of bore design

Emerson Power Transmission has released a 16-page catalogue on the Rollway brand spherical roller bearing line. These metric bearings are available in nine sizes from 40 mm through 480 mm, in a choice of tapered bore or cylindrical bore designs. The catalogue contains dimensions, selection and engineering data on the various series, radial clearance tables interchange information and special bearing designs for application on vibrating screens.

Emerson Power Transmission

Reader Service Card No. 332

Bearing application guide is packed with drawings

A design application guide showing how Holo-Rol bearings can be incorporated in machine tool spindles, high-speed grinding machines, milling machines and precision positioning equipment is available from Kaydon. The guide features cutaway drawings showing where the bearings can be incorporated into each machine, and each drawing provides specific details about the bearings and mounting for that application. The bearings feature hollow cylindrical rollers instead of solid rollers. When used on the regulating and grinding wheel spindles in high-speed grinding applications, the bearings improve productivity and extend wheel life. Because they dampen vibration, the wheel does not have to be dressed as often.


Reader Service Card No. 341

Remote data unit links by lengthy cable to computer

The OM-IMP-3595 multi-channel industrial data acquisition system is designed to be operated remotely by a host computer. The host is linked to the measurement pod by an S-Net cable, a two-wire cable up to 4,950 ft in length. Multiple pods can be installed in various locations and monitored by a single host computer. A rugged, industrial NEMA-4-rated aluminum housing protects the unit, which has a large internal memory that ensures no data is lost in the event it loses power or communication with the host. Included is ImpView Windows software that can be used to view and log data, create real-time trend or bar graphs and convert historical data for display on an Excel worksheet.

Omega Engineering

Reader Service Card No. 333

Catalogue details broad line of industrial coatings

A 48-page, four-colour catalogue of Martin Senour industrial coatings has been released. The catalogue describes zinc-rich primers, thinners, alkyd and water-based enamels, epoxies, polyurethanes, floor coatings, waterborne topcoats and primers, heavy-duty interior/exterior alkyd gloss enamels, quick-dry primers and enamels, high-heat coatings and rust control primers. There is a product for virtually any application–structural steel, machinery, piping, hoists, tank exteriors, concrete, conveyors and floors. Over 1,200 colours can be custom tinted.

Sherwin-Williams Canada

Reader Service Card No. 334

Software covers bolted joint fatigue and stress analysis

The Microsoft Windows-based software package BoltFast, a comprehensive bolted joint analysis software package from Sensor Products, is designed to aid the engineer in determining the fatigue endurance limit of a thread, the amount of embedding anticipated in the joint and the optimal tightening torque for given friction conditions, without extensive analysis and testing. The torque program takes into consideration the different friction values between the thread and nut face together with the effect of tensile and torsional stresses.

Sensor Products

Reader Service Card No. 342

Ethernet hub brings communication to the factory floor

InterlinkBT has released the Ethernet Repeater, an eight-port, 10BaseT Ethernet hub designed with a rugged construction for harsh industrial applications. This compact, cost-effective hub measures 160 mm (6.3 in.) wide by 120 mm (4.7 in.) high by 80 mm (3.2 in.) deep, easily fitting into small spaces. It monitors and indicates hub traffic on a continuous basis, keeping operators constantly aware of traffic status. Its durable aluminum housing, rated NEMA 6 and IP67, withstands harsh environments and eliminates the need for additional enclosures.

Chartwell Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 335

Flexible heating cable suits hazardous applications

VPL flexible heating cable from Raychem provides temperatures to 150C (300F) and withstands exposure temperatures of 250C (482F) with the cable powered off. Approved by CSA and FM for use in hazardous areas and designed for metal pipes, tanks and vessels, the heating cable can be rated at 5 W, 10 W, 15 W and 20 W per foot at 10C (50F). It is constructed with a high-temperature fluoropolymer insulation complete with metal braid and fluoropolymer overjacket.

Raychem HTS Canada

Reader Service Card No. 339

Electric pump aids bending, clamping, cutting and more

Enerpac has introduced a versatile electric pump designed for bending, pressing, pulling, punching, clamping, lifting, moving and cutting. Modular in design, the Hushh 2000 pump offers low-cost customization options. Its power source incorporates design features that enable broad application in general industrial and work-holding environments. Plug and play accessories allow easy end-user retrofit. The standard unit has many options and accessories, such as coolers, roll bars and pressure switches. In addition, an industrial flex-coupler reduces pump and motor wear, while reducing operating sound levels.


Reader Service Card No. 337

Rugged AC drive does washdown duty

The Pacesetter NEMA 4 series AC variable frequency drive from Bodine allows machinery builders to add, at low cost, the versatility of adjustable speed, dynamic braking and comprehensive motor protection to products that are used in wet or dusty environments. Two models cover 115-VAC or 230-VAC 50/60 Hz inputs with 1/4-hp and 1/2-hp outputs, respectively. While budget priced, the inverters offer such features as adjustable ramp times, min./max. speed limits, diagnostic LEDs, adjustable current limit and a fault output signal.

Bodine Electric

Reader Service Card No. 338

Regenerative blower needs no maintenance

Wainbee has added the Gast regenerative blower R7H series to its line of Regenair regenerative blowers. Economically priced, the series produces pressure to 707 mbar (10.25 psig), vacuum to 457 mbar (13.5 in. Hg) with free air flow to 401 cu m/h (236 cfm). UL- and CSA-approved three-phase TEFC motors with permanently sealed ball bearings, IP-54-rated enclosures and Class F insulation are standard. A CE-compliant model with BSP pipe ports is available. This maintenance-free, quiet, low-cost unit can be used in such applications as pneumatic conveying, material handling and processing equipment.


Reader Service Card No. 340

Core drills boost productivity

Fein Canadian Power Tool Company has introduced two mobile core drill units, the KBM 32 Q and DSK 658-5 models. These drills eliminate the need for preliminary drilling and time-consuming tool changing. The KBM 32 Q features the company’s keyless Quick-IN tool conversion system, allowing the user to convert tools without having to reposition the machine. Together with its stand, it weighs just 22 lb and is suitable for core drilling up to 32 mm in metal. The MAG 20 and MAG 30 magnetic drill stands have powerful magnetic bases for stability and precision work. The MAG 30 features a rotatable positioning device and both models are available with adapters for use with all professional electric and compressed-air hand drilling machines.

Fein Canada

Reader Service Card No. 344

Conveyor belt tra
iner uses pivot/tilt action to handle belt drift

Persuader PT Max, a conveyor belt trainer from Flexco, offers a design that combines pivoting and tilting movements to correct the most stubborn tracking problems on high-volume, high-tension belts. When responding to belt drift, the unit turns its troughed-idler training carriage away from the direction of drift, simultaneously lowering the end of the carriage opposite the drift while raising the end facing the drift. The resulting tilt increases belt tension along the drift-out side, causing the belt to centre itself naturally while keeping the load distributed across the training carriage and avoiding the need for concentrated steering forces along the belt edge. Pivot/tilt action is initiated by two pairs of sensor rollers installed alongside both belt edges upstream from the trainer. Each unit is made to order and uses the brand and type of idler roller already in use along the conveyor line, so any idler replacements can be supplied from existing on-site inventory.


Reader Service Card No. 343

Membrane air dryer fits within pipeline

An economical, efficient alternative to refrigerant dryer technology, the Balston SMD membrane air dryer operates with no moving parts to provide pure, dry compressed air with dewpoints as low as 35F at flow rates of up to 1,200 scfm. The compact unit can easily be mounted in an existing pipeline. It requires no electrical connections, which makes it suitable for remote and point-of-use installations or for flammable and explosive applications. Other applications include low-dewpoint instrument air, pneumatic equipment, pressurizing electronic cabinets and analytical instrumentation.


Reader Service Card No. 351

Flow controller saves energy dollars

The XpandAir flow controller can improve the efficiency of a compressed air system by up to 60%, according to its maker, Zeks Compressed Air Solutions. By isolating the supply side of the compressed air system from the demand side and supplying only the quantity of air demanded by the treatment system, the controller maintains consistent air pressure for decreased energy use and reduced leaks. In addition, the unit allows the system to respond to transient high-volume demands without additional compressor loading.

Zeks Compressed Air Solutions

Reader Service Card No. 350

Laser pulley alignment system is easy to use

Lightweight, compact and rugged, the Pulley Partner laser pulley alignment system for belt-driven equipment magnetically attaches to the inside or outside face of any pulley or sprocket. Reflected beam technology allows maximum angular resolution. The system can measure long spans with any size pulley, large or small. This easy-to-use tool enables a single operator to perform alignment tasks in minutes with no training. It comes in its own durable carrying case.

Hyatt Industries

Reader Service Card No. 314

Servo motors perform in demanding situations

The API Gettys series of high-performance Turbo Servo motors is optimized for high torque-to-inertia ratios and maximum power density for performance in demanding applications. Available in NEMA frame sizes 17, 23, 34, 42, 56 and 66, plus IEC metric versions, these rugged motors offer continuous torque ranges from 0.3 Nm to 24 Nm (2.5 lb-in. to 212 lb-in.) and a choice of 230 VAC or 480 VAC windings, providing top speed to 10,000 rpm. Configurations include Hall-effect switches, primary and secondary encoder feedback, holding brake, connector and cabling choices and special flange and shaft arrangements.

Electromate Industrial Sales

Reader Service Card No. 356

Dust/smoke removal system comes with two arms

Designed for placement near and over the work area, the Dust-Pak Model HC-4 dust and fume extraction system from Airflow uses two 10-ft self-supporting E-Z Arms to remove pollutants from industrial operations. The system removes fumes, dust, smoke and odours, such as weld smoke, carbon-plastic-ceramic composite and grinding dust. Features include low maintenance, non-electrostatic operation, four Clean 2 cartridges, fast and easy installation, and efficient and economical operation. Vibra-Pulse automatic cleaning and 75-W quartz halogen lights at the pick-up hoods are standard features. Options include 14-ft long arms.

Airflow Systems

Reader Service Card No. 420

Machinery mounts isolate vibration

Barry Controls, a unit of Applied Power, has introduced a series of machinery mounts, comprising levelling mounts, industrial mounts, neoprene pads, elastomer springs and wedge mounts. These mounts are well suited for isolating shock, vibration and noise in a wide range of equipment including industrial machinery, air compressors, electronics manufacturing equipment, HVAC equipment, generators, motors and conveyors. Included in the series are mounts with natural frequencies that vary from 3 Hz to 35 Hz and load ranges of 1.8 lb to 30,000 lb. Materials of manufacture include corrosion-resistant and cold-rolled steel, aluminum and cast iron black oxide finish with resilient elements of natural rubber, neoprene and felt.

Barry Controls

Reader Service Card No. 434

www.mro-esource.comRemote controls make explosives processing saferTread Corporation’s trucks mix and blend explosives components, which are then augured or pumped into blast holes in the ground. For safety, the operator stands about 30 m from the truck and controls activities using a radio remote control system with keypad transmitter. As the blended material often is shot into hundreds of holes at the same time, it is important for the remote controllers to allow fine precision. Tread Corp. uses Cattron controllers, as the company finds they give its operators the precision they need to do the job.Cattron ControlsReader Service Card No. 359EDM software integrates seamlessly with InternetCyco Software, a provider of CAD and engineering document management solutions for Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT platforms, is releasing new EDM technology, called AutoManager Meridian 2.0. The software focuses on the mechanical/manufacturing environment and offers strong Internet integration. It provides good versioning capabilities in addition to a history mode that enables users to access and view documents, and their associated cross-references, as they existed at any point in the past. A vault concept protects unauthorized access to documents.Cyco SoftwareReader Service Card No. 423Silicone additive reduces friction in inks/varnishesDow Corning 27 silicone additive, in specific testing, has shown to be effective at reducing the co-efficient of friction in both water-based acrylic flexographic inks and UV overprint varnishes. In tests on product containing the additive, the static and kinetic co-efficient of friction for the water-based ink was reduced by 25%, while a 63% reduction in the COF was recorded for the UV overprint varnish. In addition, the water-based acrylic ink also recorded a 44% increase in 85-degree gloss. A non-reactive silicone glycol surfactant with both silicone and organic characteristics, the product may be incorporated into solvent, aqueous, solventless and energy-curable systems. The material is classified as a combustible liquid. It is available in 4-oz samples, 40-lb pails and 441-lb drums.Dow CorningReader Service Card No. 421Catalogue details radial, thrust bearingsEmerson Power Transmission has produced a six-page catalogue entitled Rollway Bearings… Engineered Bearings for Your Applications, which describes the company’s full line of cylindrical radial roller bearings, roller thrust bearings, steel cage journal roller bearings, as well as available special designs, special features and available materials. Features, benefits and options also are detailed.EPT/RollwayReader Service Card No. 422Junction boxes are for hazardous locationsTurck ha
s introduced Multibox Namur junction boxes and cordsets to eliminate multiple cable runs, simplifying and speeding up the wiring of sensors and other discrete input/output devices used in hazardous areas. The boxes come with one or two circuits per port, with common positive or isolated circuits. These four-port boxes are fully encapsulated, have rugged nylon housings and are available with PLTC-rated integral cable or in quick-disconnect versions, for plug-and-play convenience. Also available are moulded junctions and splitters in a wide selection of cable lengths. The VBRS is a two-branch moulded splitter, designed to be used with Multibox junction boxes to simplify the wiring of two sensors into one port.TurckReader Service Card No. 433Explosion-proof control enclosures get additional UL approvalA recent design change permits Adalet XCE N4 explosion-proof control enclosures to meet Group B as well as Groups C and D requirements at UL. Encompassing all 12-in. and larger enclosures, this addition complements the company’s existing CSA certifications for Group B, Type 4. The XCE series enclosures are used in the installation of electrical and electronic components for control, measurement or monitoring applications in hazardous environments. Features include copper-free, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and high-strength steel cover bolts plated and coated for corrosion resistance. The enclosures are certified drillable for operators and conduit entrances either at the factory or in the field.AdaletReader Service Card No. 435Software interface merges multiple data sources for web accessSiemens has introduced Version 3.0 of DB4Web, a high-performance software interface that integrates multiple data sources regardless of the operating system (e.g. Unix or Microsoft Windows NT) and displays the merged information on a web page. The data management is transparent to the user, as the web application server reads and writes in original sources. As a result, the interface can save users significant software licensing and upgrading fees, and increase their operating efficiencies by allowing remote access to information on pricing, inventory, plant operations, finance and other areas of business. Consequently, it facilitates e-commerce by quickly processing orders entered on a company’s web site directly back to the appropriate systems involved in the fulfillment process. Communication between the browser and web server is done through HTTP. A multilingual function allows customers to see a presentation in their native language. Following a modification to a database, DB4Web automatically modifies all relevant web pages in a secure environment.Siemens Energy & AutomationReader Service Card No. 451

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