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Here’s a selection of MRO products that are designed, made, assembled or technically supported in Canada

New category of insulating fluid is introducedPetro-Canada of Toronto has announced the launch of Luminol, a high-efficiency electrical insulating fluid developed using a new technology. This technolo...

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New category of insulating fluid is introduced

Petro-Canada of Toronto has announced the launch of Luminol, a high-efficiency electrical insulating fluid developed using a new technology. This technology has led to the introduction of a new synthesized isoparaffin category of insulating fluid. This fluid equals the electrical performance of other synthetic products at a price more in line with mineral oils, the company claims. In addition, it possesses the environmental and safety qualities of vegetable-based oils. Synthesized isoparaffin uses a hydro-cracking and hydro-isomerization process to produce a clear, colourless fluid that is virtually free of polynuclear aromatics. Features include a wide temperature range, good stability, low temperature fluidity and a negative gassing tendency. Applications include large power transformers operating at peak capacity, as well as free-breathing units. The product is available in bulk and in 205-l drums.


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Line of lift tables is extensive

The 2000 Catalogue from SNS Manufacturing of Kitchener, Ont., outlines the SuperLift line of lift tables, tilt tables, upenders, pallet trucks, stackers, portable box tilters, pneumatic scissor lifts, etc. The 24-page catalogue describes the complete product line for standard and custom applications.

SNS Manufacturing

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Separator/classifier comes in two models

The Lorenz separator/classifier removes fines and separates product by size. Manufactured of stainless steel, this low-maintenance, compact unit operates quietly, without dust or vibration, and handles products gently. Currently, screens range from 4 mesh to 400 mesh, and products may be either air cooled or air heated during separation. Materials that can be separated include rice, grains, cereals, ceramic powder, crushed glass and alumina beads. The unit is available in single- and double-screen models from the Cobourg, Ont., company.

Lorenz & Son

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New angle grinder is tough

Walter’s 4-1/2-in. industrial Mini Grinder is equipped with a 7-A motor that delivers more power to the spindle. This Pointe Claire, Que., company’s small yet robust angle grinder handles most grinding, cutting, sanding and brushing jobs. An ergonomic, slim-line motor housing fits in the palm of the hand for a secure grip. All electrical components are encapsulated and protected from grinding dust, avoiding costly repairs and downtime. This new model features a larger vent fan than its predecessor, assuring better cooling of the motor and lengthening motor life.

J. Walter Company

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Pendant stations are sealed against chemicals

Woodhead Canada’s customizable line of Watertite pendant stations features a rugged, lightweight design that withstands hostile environments. Contoured to fit comfortably in the operator’s hand, they can be specified with a variety of flexible configurations to support a wide range of applications, including controls for doors, cranes, hoists, elevators and conveyors. Units are customizable with two-, four-, six-, eight- or 10-button switches. All switches are covered in a chemically resistant hood to ensure a tight seal up to NEMA 4X. Woodhead is based in Mississauga, Ont.

Woodhead Canada

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Drain protectors keep oil out, let water through

Spill Busters Drain Protectors from Can-Ross Environmental Services, Oakville, Ont., prevent oil from entering floor drains. The protectors consist of absorbent material that can be inserted into the drain opening to prevent hydrocarbon-based materials from passing through. However, the material does allow the passage of water. All oil remains above the drain surface, helping to cut the costly cleaning of oil-clogged drains.


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Dual layer pipe coating controls corrosion

An aid in corrosion control, the Scotchkote brand 6352 Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) dual coating system for pipe (from 3M in London, Ont.) can be used on transmission or distribution pipes as an external or internal coating. The system combines a first coat for corrosion protection and a second coat for impact/abrasion resistance. It is durable and gouge-resistant, has good flexibility and maintains a consistent strength during hardness tests. Also, it is non-shielding to cathodic protection.

3M Canada

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Self-levelling parts container is easy on the back

The Ergo self-leveller from Econo Lift Ltd., Mississauga, Ont., functions as an automatic load-positioning device. Operators can place a container load of parts or product weighing up to 2,000 kg (4,500 lb) on the unit, and it will present the load at a comfortable working height under changing load conditions. Depending on the weight of the load, it elevates to a height between 230 mm and 840 mm (9 in. and 33 in.). As the load diminishes, it gradually rises, so operators do not have to bend down in order to pick up items from near the bottom of the container. It also performs in reverse, gradually descending as the container becomes full. The standard platform measures 800 mm by 1,200 mm (32 in. by 48 in.), and oversize platforms to 1,400 mm by 1,800 mm (56 in. by 72 in.) are available. Other options include a turntable and bellow safety skirting. Floor-mount is the standard model, but pit-mount and portable versions also are available.

Econo Lift

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Flat band cables have long flex life

Responding to the challenge of severe flex-life cable requirements, Elocab in Kitchener, Ont., has launched a line of band cables for continuous flexing applications. These flat cables need less space than round ones and offer superior flex-life capabilities. Application-specific flat cables have a number of advantages: the individual conductor components can be separated by function (e.g. power, signal lines), receive individual shielding if required and run parallel at defined distances. The flat design provides for lower height, which reduces internal friction and allows the cables to roll and flex easily in a tight bending radius.


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Sanitary flowmeter withstands high temperatures

Peacock’s Mississauga, Ont., office has introduced the Sparling FM626 TigermagEP, an electronic flowmeter with sanitary tri-clamp fittings and Tefzel lining. Standard features include a two-line backlit display, two flow alarms, 4-20-mA frequency and RS-232 outputs. RS-485, HART and two-state batcher are optional. The sanitary sensor can be used in applications with temperatures up to 266F, making it clean-in-place or steam-cleanable. Common applications include a variety of food processors as well as chemical manufacturers. Sizes from 1 in. to 4 in. are available.

Peacock Instrumentation

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Regulated power supplies are compact

Riedel-Tronics of Mississauga, Ont., has introduced its compact regulated power supplies to the North American market. These units are particularly suited for switchboard cabinets with limited space. Featuring snap-on attachments for DIN rails, they are easy to install in any position. Applications include automation controls, machine building, aircraft maintenance equipment, and tooling and packaging machines. Five sizes are available, all of which withstand tough operating conditions. They fulfill European CE and EN requirements, so that companies wishing to export can avoid the hassles of having to refit their equipment for the European market.


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Lathe shield installs in minutes

Installing a KBC Latheguard shield protects workers and helps prevent accidents. The easily-mounted lathe shield protects operators from injuries caused by flying debris and from the inconvenience of spraying water. Each gua
rd comes with hardware and mounting bracket for fast installation. Sizes are available for swings ranging from 6 in. to 24 in. and chucks up to 20 in. in diameter. KBC recently celebrated 35 years in business and 10 in Canada.

KBC Tools & Machinery

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Flexible miniature contacts absorb vibration

Servometer bellows, contact springs stocked by Electromate of Woodbridge, Ont., absorb shock and vibration while maintaining continuous connection. Especially suited for dynamic interconnect applications, they have low insertion forces, low insertion losses and low D.C. resistance. They also are suited for applications where contact with a delicate component or material is required. These contact springs are manufactured from electro-deposited nickel and gold plated to enhance their electrical conductivity. Diameters range from 0.037 in. O.D. to 0.245 in. O.D.

Electromate Industrial Sales

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Humidity/temp meter has durable case

KB Electronics of Oakville, Ont., has announced the addition of the HT-3003 digital humidity/temperature meter to its line of electronic test and measurement equipment. This rugged yet lightweight instrument provides easy readouts of relative humidity and temperature. It features a data hold function and comes with a sturdy, protective carrying case, making it suitable for all general industrial applications.

KB Electronics (Canada)

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Unit dispenses grease and measures it too

North-Vancouver-based Ekso offers a Grease Meter which enables savings of 30%-40% on grease and provides accurate flow measurement of grease doses for hand-greasing of bearings. It has a digital display that shows the exact grease dose in cubic centimeters, eliminating guesswork or counting grease strokes. With a life of 22,000 lb of grease, it ensures the correct amount of lubricant is applied each time.

Esko Industries

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Laser-based level/position indicators suit many conditions

TN Technologies and Kay-Ray/Sensall’s Accu-Pulse series of continuous, non-contact level monitors is used to monitor solid and liquid levels under a wide range of process conditions. The Accu-Pulse Positioner series of laser object positioners shares the same properties as the level monitor, but is optimized for performance over longer ranges. It has been designed to replace contact sensors such as multiple limit switches and wheel encoders, as well as poorly performing non-contact devices where the range is great or interference severe. The product line is supported by Alpha Controls of Markham, Ont., and Rosemere, Que.

Alpha Controls and Instrumentation

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Electric winches feature wide centres and double drums

A new line of double-drum, wide-centre electric winches is now available from Jeamar in Richmond Hill, Ont. It comes in numerous configurations for mounting horizontally, vertically or upside down. Options include controls, grooved drums, limit swithces, free spooling, pressure rollers and more.

Jeamar Winches Ltd.

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PLC cuts panel space/assembly time

The Mitsubishi FX2NC SuperMicro line of super-compact controllers from David Controls, Mississauga, Ont., is designed to reduce costs and time to complete construction of control panels. Conventional panels require several layers of wiring, termination and labelling. This new line uses high-density cables that connect the PLC directly to the field terminals by locking IDC connectors. Panel size can be decreased, and construction time is reduced. Using industry-standard third-party terminal products, the controllers can handle applications up to 256 I/O.

Davis Controls

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Mounting plate fits all 4-in. boxes

Crouse-Hinds Canada has introduced a mounting plate and box support that allows the use of one plate for all applications. Called Uni-Mount, this unit fits all 4-in. sq. boxes, eliminating the need to stock multiple assemblies. Intended to reduce installation time and cost, the unit has been designed for use with wood or metal studs. No far-side support is needed and guide tabs and holes ensure consistent alignment and mounting height. Available as a single- or two-device cover, the UL-listed and CSA-certified product can be ordered pre-assembled to common 4-in.-sq. boxes for easy installation.

Crouse-Hinds Canada

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Switching power supplies line expands

In Brossard, Que., Entrelec’s expanded Systron PS line of fully enclosed switching power supplies now ranges from 5 VDC to 48 VDC, 0.3 A to 20 A, regulated. The 15 compact models, UL listed and CSA approved, measure from 45 mm to 220 mm width and feature CE marking. A 24-VDC/0.5-A unit in a 22.5-mm-wide package will be announced in the near future. Each model features DIN rail mounting for fast assembly. New features offered by this expanded range include parallel operation of the 10-A and 20-A supplies, adjustable output voltage for selected 24-VDC supplies and output voltage to 48 VDC.


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Temperature controller is easy to configure

To stop temperature from exceeding a stepoint, the Partlow MIC II 63 safety shutdown controller from Anderson Controls of Toronto offers a standard latched output for a high limit and only one option, a second, dedicated, low-temperature alarm relay output. The only operator input required is the setting of the temperature setpoint. As a result, this limit device is easy to configure. Its single-line LED display is easy to view. Without unnecessary features, it is low in cost.

Anderson Controls

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