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GPS tracking modem

Maryam Farag   

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance product

Photo: Solutions Into Motion.

Solutions Into Motion (SIM) launched a real-time GPS tracking modem that is also a Wi-Fi hotspot, for all types of vehicles and equipment.

The company, who owns WhereSafe and Trackem GPS brands, is diversifying its business into the world of Wi-Fi hardware and North American cellular data plans to enable the Wi-Fi modem. The plans are being called either Trackem or WhereSafe ‘DataToGo’.

For WhereSafe, the focus will be to target consumers with RVs, boats or those who are on the road in vehicles often for cottage travel, for minor sports, for work, etc. Trackem will provide the service to fleets of all types, for fast Wi-Fi connectivity in vehicles or other business assets, or to service businesses like food trucks or limo services, who could offer Wi-Fi to their customers.

SIM will be offering 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB and unlimited North American cellular data plans. The data plans can be purchased for use in the new WiFi Tracker, or separate for use in any compatible, unlocked cellular WiFi device.




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