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Focus on Maintenance Coatings

Coating protects insulators from contaminationSylgard high-voltage insulator coating (HVIC) from Dow Corning is a one-part silicone dispersion coating designed to improve the performance of porcelain ...

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Coating protects insulators from contamination

Sylgard high-voltage insulator coating (HVIC) from Dow Corning is a one-part silicone dispersion coating designed to improve the performance of porcelain and glass high-voltage insulators, arresters and other components, especially where surface contamination causes arcing problems. Offering the ability to recover its water repellancy after surface electrical activity, the smooth elastomeric coating helps the insulator stand up to the effects of moisture, salt spray and contaminants. Applications include line and station insulators, bushings, instrument transformers and related devices. The coating delivers a dielectric strength of 18 kV/mm at 1.3 mm (460 V/mil at 50 mils) and a dielectric constant of 3.08 at 100 kHz.

Dow Corning

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Protective coating is harder than steel

Recently issued by General Magnaplate is a brochure describing a full line of synergistic coatings that put a harder-than-steel, permanently dry-lubricated surface on critical component parts made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Pioneered for use in space projects, these surface enhancements provide reliable performance and long service under the most difficult operating conditions. The four-page, two-colour Brochure #40 describes Tufram, Nedox, Plasmadize, Lectrofluor, Magnaplate HMF, Magnaplate HCR, Canadize, Magnadize, Goldenedge, Hi-T-Lube, Magnagold, Magnaplate TNS and Magnaplate HTR coatings. These coatings, many of which are USDA/FDA/AgriCanada-compliant for use on food and pharmaceutical equipment, become an integral part of the metal surface, protect against corrosion and abrasion, improve release properties, lubricate in high and low temperatures, and add wear life to steel stainless steel, copper, magnesium, titanium and many alloys. Included in the brochure are 15 examples of applications.

General Magnaplate

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Wide range of coatings suits many uses

The Martin Senour line of industrial coatings includes a product for virtually any application. These products include zinc-rich primers, thinners, alkyd enamel coatings, epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, floor coatings, waterborne topcoats and primers, water-based enamel coatings, heavy-duty interior/exterior alkyd gloss enamels and rust control primers. They can be used in such applications as structural steel, bridges, machinery, piping, hoists, tank exteriors, concrete, refineries, platforms and conveyors.


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Galvanizing spray stops rust in extreme conditions

STS ZnKote Galvanizer cold galvanizing coating prevents oxidation on iron and other ferrous metals by electro-chemically bonding with the metal surface to form a tough, protective coat. Effective both indoors and outside, this 95% pure zinc spray is quick drying, has good adhesion properties and protects bare metal for up to three years. When used as a base coat, it will not crack, peel or yellow, even under extreme environmental conditions. Packaged in 9-oz aerosol containers, it contains no 1,1,1-trichloroethane, CFCs or other ozone-depleting solvents. Applications include galvanizing metal parts, touching up old galvanized coatings and forming primer coats over bare metal in preparation for finished coatings.


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Coating keeps couplings working in outer space

In the harsh vacuum and low temperatures of space, the valves on quick disconnect couplings on the International Space Station must operate with total reliability. Surface hardness, durability and extended reliability are of utmost importance for the couplings installed both inside and outside the space station. Design engineers at Parker Stratoflex Unit of Parker Hannifin achieved these qualities by specifying that the surface of the quick disconnect couplings be treated with Nedox, a surface enhancement coating technology applied by General Magnaplate. This coating, which offers top performance at a low cost, provides an extremely thin coating that dry-lubricates the surface to a co-efficient of friction as low as 0.06 while providing a hardness of up to Rc68.

General Magnaplate

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Shaft collars with wrench flats make tightening easier

Clamp-type threaded shaft collars which can be supplied with wrench flats that facilitate tightening and can replace arbor and bearing nuts are being introduced by Stafford, along with similar fasteners. These collars can be tightened in place using an adjustable or open end wrench and then locked securely using the clamping screw. Designed to resist loosening under reversing loads, they are well suited for use with drive components. Available in one- and two-piece styles in steel or stainless steel, the collars with wrench flats can be supplied in sizes from 1/4-in. I.D. to 6-in. I.D. with UNF/UNC, ACME, metric and lock nut threads.

Stafford Manufacturing

Reader Service Card No. 329

Drive’s cube design makes for compact coupling

Andantex multi-speed gear transmissions come in seven sizes ranging from 5 hp to 800 hp, each with the capability of two, three, four, six or nine speeds. Offering a life of 10,000 hours, the 96% efficient gear boxes can withstand continuous operation. Precision form-ground gears are shrunk on to the shafts, eliminating the use of keys and thus eliminating fretting. Housings, manufactured from precision iron castings, feature a cubic form design that allows installation in any position. When coupled in tandem, these drives are more compact than standard boxes. By coupling up to four boxes, 12 to 288 speed changes are available.


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Elastomer coupling line is featured in guide

A four-colour product selection guide detailing Wrapflex non-lubricated, low-cost, elastomer shaft couplings is available from Falk. It provides product schematics and selection tables for the line of close-coupled and multiple spacer design elastomer couplings. Currently available in six sizes, the couplings can accommodate shafts up to 102 mm (4 in.) and torque loads up to 2,500 Nm (22,100 lb-in.). Features include a replaceable elastomer element for easy change-out that eliminates the time-consuming tasks of removing hubs and re-aligning shafts.

The Falk Corporation

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Turntable bearing offers optional gearing

The Series M turntable bearing from Avon Bearings comes in sizes ranging from a 16-in. dia to a 43-in. dia ballpath. Available with gearing on either the internal or external races, or without integral gearing, the bearings are capable of handling moment, thrust and radial loads simultaneously. Applications include turntables, stretch wrappers and palletizers, truck cranes, forklift rotators and welding positioners. A free brochure is available.

Avon Bearings

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Linear actuator comes in many models

The line of Servomech electric linear actuators includes a wide range of models from 80-lb to 18,000-lb linear force, featuring stroke travel ranges from 4 in. to 30 in. These linear actuators can be operated with AC or DC motors for constant velocities, variable velocities and servo-operated positioning control. Many optional accessories are available.

Jacmar Motion Control

Reader Service Card No. 326

Roller chain designed for oil field industry

Emerson Power Transmission has introduced a 36-page catalogue that describes the Morse roller chain used in many demanding applications in the oil field industry. Critical areas of application include pump jacks, mud systems, engine compound drives, power tongs and rotary tables. Catalogue OFC-OO includes chain performance features and benefits, along with detailed engineering data. Additional EPT-branded products are included to provide integrated solutions for tough oil field applications.

Emerson Power Transmissi

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Cam follower bearings come in special configurations

The McGill precision bearings brochure describes Emerson Power Transmission’s line of Camrol cam follower bearings. Featured in the eight-page, four-colour brochure, designated Form #8691 11/99, is a description of this broad product line, including both inch and metric dimensions. A wide range of standard options, standard and special modifications and configurations, and other special features are described. Other McGill precision bearings also are shown in this literature.

Emerson Power Transmission

Reader Service Card No. 330

New brakes handle demanding tasks

Two new series of spring-operated brakes are available from Lenze, the BFK457 and BFK458 series. These versatile, durable brakes feature torques ranging to 600 Nm (5,300 lb-in.). Based on a modular system, they can be used in brake motors, cranes, warehousing, hoists, wood processing machinery, automation technology and escalator drives. The modular system allows application-based customization.


Reader Service Card No. 328

Self-lubricating cartridge is for monorail guideways

Schneeberger has released the SLC lubrication cartridge, a monorail accessory. This self-contained cartridge supplies a continuous flow of lubricant to the critical surfaces of the company’s profile linear guideways. For light- to medium-duty applications, the cartridge can replace the central lubrication system and minimize the scheduled re-lube maintenance associated with any recirculating roller product. It attaches to one or both sides of a standard recirculating roller carriage and will work in any carriage orientation. The cartridge’s reservoir holds sufficient lubricant for more than 3,000 miles of travel before refilling is required.


Reader Service Card No. 327

Motor uses water as hydraulic fluid

The low-speed motor, type MVM, is a new water hydraulic motor from Danfoss within the Nessie water hydraulic product program. It uses ordinary tap water as the hydraulic fluid. The hygienic-design, corrosion-resistant surfaces, high starting torque and smooth operation at even low speeds make this motor suitable for such equipment as conveyors, mixers, grinders and slicers. Designed according to the vane motor principle, the motor features a speed range of 15 rpm to 200 rpm, a maximum torque of 100 Nm (73.8 lb ft), power of up to 2.5 kW (up to 3.4 hp) and a pressure range up to 50 bar (up to 725 psi).

Danfoss Fluid Power

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Hygienic pulsation damper permits thorough cleaning

Peacock Industrial Products Division markets the Flowguard FG/TD pulsation damper, designed for use in hygienic applications and clean-in-place use. The product uses a double membrane construction with an intermediate transfer fluid to allow the process fluid chamber to be crevice-free and suitable for in-place cleaning. A modified version is offered that is suited to such applications as difficult slurries. Models are available to meet most pressure requirements–from 10 bars to 1,000 bars (150 psi to 15,000 psi)–and can be custom-made to meet any specification or particular application.


Reader Service Card No. 301

Hydraulic catalogue is expanded

The 1999-2000 version of Gates’ C0400 Hydraulic Catalogue features several changes. The hose features section at the front of the catalogue includes specifications for quick reference. Hoses and specifications also appear throughout the book, preceding the couplings that can be crimped on them. More specifications, such as bore I.D. and stem hex size have been added to the coupling tables. In addition, nearly 800 new parts appear in the catalogue.

Gates Canada

Reader Service Card No. 304

Electric control gives pump fast response

Denison Hydraulics’ P16 high-performance, open-loop piston pump is available with a new electric control that provides user benefits in a wide range of industrial equipment applications. The electrically controlled P16 (metric P260) is called the PQ. The control offers the following features: fast response to input commands; control of both pressure and flow; efficient energy use; and the ability to be used as a power limiter to reduce electric motor size. It also replaces multiple proportional throttling valves.

Denison Hydraulics

Reader Service Card No. 302

Lube maintenance system can be moved to work area

Innovative Fluid Handling Systems offers a range of standard and custom carts for industrial fluid-handling requirements. Used in lube maintenance, these mobile systems put the weight of oil, cans, filters and tools on wheels, where they can easily and quickly be moved to any part of the plant. The carts feature integral pumps and load-bearing wheels. An example of a custom system is a motorized, five-product lubrication system for an automobile manufacturer that features air-operated diaphragm pumps and retractable hose reels with dispensing handles.

Innovative Fluid Handling Systems

Reader Service Card No. 305

Protective hose wrap now comes in 1.5-in. size

A 1.5-in. size of Heli-Tube spirally cut cable wrap and abrasion protector, which can organize and protect bundles from 1.5 in. O.D. to 10 in. O.D., has been introduced by M.M. Newman. Particularly suited for use as a sleeve for pneumatic and hydraulic hose, this expandable wrap is available in a variety of materials. It is easy to apply by hand, without tools.

M.M. Newman

Reader Service Card No. 306

Literature describes digital drive speed controller

An information sheet on the DS9000 digital drive speed controller is available from Warner Electric Motors and Controls. Included on the sheet are a list of the controller’s features, a list of the keypad controls, LED information and controller specifications. The literature is illustrated with diagrams. The DS9000 is a closed loop digital speed regulator that operates as a speed set-point controller or as a precision follower when used with an AC or DC drive.

Warner Electric Motors and Controls

Reader Service Card No. 307

Power meter product family grows

The Power Meter PM-650 has been added to Schneider Electric’s Square D Powerlogic Power Meter family of products. This unit includes all the features found in current Powerlogic Power Meter models and extends the existing metering capabilities with minimum/maximum readings, configurable demand readings, alarm/relay functions and on-board logging. Designed for use in basic power metering applications, it provides a full complement of accurate true RMS metering values. The meter mounts in the same mounting holes as a standard 4-1/2-in. analogue-type meter and easily retrofits into existing equipment.

Schneider Electric

Reader Service Card No. 308

Impeller, motor come as integrated package

The motor of the space-saving TMK impeller has been relocated inside the fan impeller. Powerful yet quiet, this compact unit integrates an airfoil impeller with an industrial-duty motor and inlet safety guard. All components are supported from the inlet side, so there are no critical shop tolerances to maintain. The totally enclosed three-phase motor is available in 50-Hz and 60-Hz voltages and includes an integral terminal box, which permits wiring without disassembly. The unit is suitable for clean ambient air.


Reader Service Card No. 309

Motor contactor line carries cUL mark

The Mitsubishi Electric line of motor contactors includes IEC contactors and overloads from 11 A to 800 A. Voltage is rated to 690 VAC. UL-, cUL-, CE- and TUV-recognized, these items are offered with coil voltages from 110 VAC through 500 VAC. Configurations include both reversing and non-reversing styles.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Reader Service Card No. 310

Two models are added to washdown motor line

In order to
meet a wider range of customer needs, Rockwell Automation is extending the Reliance Electric Easy Clean and Super Clean AC motor lines, offering two new models. These motor lines are designed for use in the most severe washdown industrial applications. All motors are totally enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination, and are suitable for cleaning with steam and high-pressure water. The rust-resistant design and sealed bearings make them suitable for use in the food processing and packaging industries.

Rockwell Automation

Reader Service Card No. 312

Power supplies offer options for multiple applications

Wieland Electric has introduced a line of industrial power supplies that provide built-in transient voltage protection, fused input and a jump-selectable input voltage option. Designated the WW series, these regulated VDC power supplies are available in both open frame and enclosed packages and will accommodate either 110-VAC or 230-VAC input power. They are suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications, from input devices such as limit switches, photoelectrics and proximity sensors to output devices such as relays, solenoids, motors and sirens, as well as PLCs and communications equipment. Both the open and enclosed versions are DIN rail mountable, and the enclosed version may also be direct-panel mounted.

Wieland Electric

Reader Service Card No. 313

Process measurement transmitters are new to Canada

Peacock has announced that it will market in Canada a new GF Signet ProcessPro transmitter series. The five basic models of the ProcessPro family will augment the company’s line of process control instrumentation. Features include measurement capabilities for flow, conductivity/resistivity, pH/ORP, temperature and pressure, and installation options which include integral, pipe, wall or true panel mount. These microprocessor-based transmitters offer quick and easy front panel pushbutton setup and configuration. Each unit’s two-line by 16-character LCD allows easy viewing of process parameters. Particularly suited for differential computations and mixing and blending applications, they are available in three configuration levels.

Peacock Instrumentation

Reader Service Card No. 314

Voltage regulators catalogue is comprehensive

Warner has released a WHR series Stabiline voltage regulators catalogue for AC power systems up to 660 V. Along with information detailing the features and benefits of these modular voltage regulators, the catalogue supplies solutions to common power problems, specification and application information, as well as listings of accessories and options. There is no charge for this catalogue.

Warner Electric Motors and Controls

Reader Service Card No. 311

Safety switch design makes for easy installation

The Type VBII safety switch line in 30-A to 600-A ratings from Siemens features a rugged enclosure, a wide range of accessories and enhanced ratings for industrial applications. A new design provides double-break switching action, highly visible blades, a large, easy-grip handle and a redesigned enclosure. Extra room has been added to ease installation, and the rolled metal edge and corners minimize cuts to the conductors and to the installer’s hands. Almost every part is replaceable and a full list of replacement parts is provided on the back of each door.

Siemens Energy & Automation

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