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Fluke 3563 analysis vibration sensor

Maryam Farag   

Manufacturing Manufacturing equipment

Photo: Fluke Reliability.

Fluke Reliability launched Fluke 3563 analysis vibration sensor system; a complete solution — hardware, software, and services — that integrates a set of technologies to give maintenance teams detailed insights into anything from performance tracking to fault analysis to improve the reliability of equipment.

The Fluke 3563 features:

  • The piezo sensor and software combine to produce a smart battery management capability with a user-determined data transmission rate.
  • Users can configure the sensor based on machine type for precise readings without manually entering severity thresholds.
  • The Live-Asset Portal software application enables users to analyze banded overall values and narrowband values.
  • The wireless gateway possesses dual network connection capabilities — Wi-Fi and Ethernet — so the system can fit any facility.
  • Expert services — remote and onsite setup, vibration training, and custom installation and training packages.





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