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Water-sealed vacuum pump system can be expandedThe Siemens 2BL line of expandable water-sealed vacuum pump systems features technology that recirculates and cools seal water, recovering moisture from ...

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Water-sealed vacuum pump system can be expanded

The Siemens 2BL line of expandable water-sealed vacuum pump systems features technology that recirculates and cools seal water, recovering moisture from discharged air so that it can be recycled. These environmentally friendly pumps are suitable for industrial use, including for central vacuum systems, vacuum hold down and vacuum transfers. Because they operate independently of constant external water supply, they also are suitable for remote areas where water quality is poor or water is scarce. The system permits a total of three pumps to operate simultaneously, and its expandable design means additional pumps can be added when conditions warrant. Optional accessories include a factory-wired base-plate-mounted control panel, automatic drain, automatic fill and an electronic level indicator/alarm.

Siemens Energy & Automation

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Adhesive label line can handle tough jobs

Brady’s Mondo Bondo family of adhesive labels has been broadened with the addition of adhesive in matte metallized polyester, matte white polyester and glossy white polyester, designated B-486, B-489 and B-483, respectively. These labels will adhere to powder-coated metals, highly textured surfaces and oily/greasy parts. The metallized polyester label offers a cost-effective and durable alternative to metal nameplates. All three can be used with Brady’s thermal transfer printers, as well as with LabelMark/WIN and Codesoft labelling software programs.

Brady Worldwide

Reader Service Card No. 344

Brochure covers synchronous belt drive system

A brochure featuring the Dodge HT200 synchronous belt drive system has been published by Rockwell Automation. The four-page, four-colour brochure highlights the features of this system and helps readers determine how it can meet their application needs. Colour photographs and detailed drawings illustrate the text, and a sidebar gives helpful information on synchronous drive noise.


Reader Service Card No. 345

Rack and pinion drive system cuts backlash

Andantex has announced a line of pre-loaded rack and pinion drive systems for axis drive applications requiring high-accuracy positioning. These systems eliminate the backlash between the rack and pinion by using two pinions, one to drive the axis and one to pre-load it to eliminate the backlash. This preserves accurate axis positioning during the transition period between acceleration/steady state and deceleration, where the rack and pinion flank contact and load reverses direction. The two different types of systems are mechanically pre-loaded, typically driven by only one motor, and electrically pre-loaded, which require two motors.


Reader Service Card No. 349

Welding machine runs on diesel and electric power

Contractors and fabricators who weld on site and in the shop will find the PipePro 304 welding machine with optional dual power a useful tool. This diesel-engine-driven machine can operate independently of the engine, using 230-V, single- or three-phase electric power. This eliminates the need to duplicate equipment, and shortens operator training time. It means that operators can use the machine in the shop on wall power to avoid burning diesel, and then go into the field and use the same machine. The unit also is useful at new construction sites, where its diesel engine can be used until utilities are in place. Then it can be shut off and plugged into an electric outlet. Weighing 910 lb, the welding machine is designed to fit across the box of a standard pickup truck. It combines XMT 304 technology with a 26-hp Kubota D905 diesel engine.

Miller Electric

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Plasma cutting system is portable

The Hypertherm Powermax 190c portable plasma cutting system from BOC Gases features a built-in air compressor, a 120-V plug and 1.3 kW of power. Making fast work of job-site sheet metal cutting, this industrial-grade tool cuts mild steel from thin gauge to 1/4-in. thick with 12 full amps. Included is a built-in storage compartment for consumables.

BOC Gases

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Flexible abrasive tape deburrs hard-to-reach surfaces

A line of flexible, flat abrasive tapes is available from E.C. Mitchell. Suitable for grinding, deburring and polishing hard-to-reach surfaces, the tapes are fully impregnated with either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives and are reasonably stiff, yet flexible enough to reach around intricate machined, drilled or punched openings. They come in 1/16-in. to 1/4-in. widths, packaged on 50-ft spools, and can be cut to length using heavy-duty shears. They will not tear or fray. Round abrasive cords also are available.

E.C. Mitchell

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Refrigerated compressed air dryer is for general use

Van Air RD series refrigerated compressed air dryers remove moisture from indoor air lines to reduce maintenance costs and keep pneumatic equipment running efficiently. Providing a dew point of 35F to 38F, the series features a non-cycling refrigerant compressor, R-22 refrigerant and a hot gas bypass valve to prevent heat exchanger freeze-ups at low loads and to maintain a steady dew point when flows fluctuate. Removable top and front panels allow for easy access. Models are available to handle flows of 10 scfm through 150 scfm at 100 psig.

Van Air Systems

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Lighweight impeller is tough

Aeroflo has introduced the durable TEK impeller, which incorporates compound curves and varying thicknesses for operating efficiency. Marrying precision injection moulding techniques with high-strength plastic has resulted in a unit that is stronger than steel but less than half the weight. It is available in clockwise, counter-clockwise and double width, and features matching inlet cones.


Reader Service Card No. 353

Silicone greases deliver chemical resistance

From Dow Corning come two fluorosilicone greases that deliver good resistance to most chemicals and solvents in bearing and valve applications. Offering a wide service temperature range and compatibility with most gasket, seal and packing materials, 3451 Bearing Grease and 3452 Valve Lubrication effectively resist washout by water, fuels and oils. These white greases are not recommended for use with highly oxidative chemicals. The bearing grease is available in 3-oz tubes, 19.4-oz cartridges and 10- and 40-lb pails. The valve lubricant is supplied in 2-oz tubes, 19.4-oz cartridges, 10-lb cans and 40-lb pails.

Dow Corning

Reader Service Card No. 354

Contact scrapers add life to linear motion guides

Designed to clear debris away from the LM guide rail, THK’s optional scraper can increase the life of a linear motion guide. The scraper, which consists of a metallic unit for larger particles and a contact unit for smaller ones, is connected directly to the guide, removing debris as the guide glides along the rail. Construction of the contact scraper comprises three layers of oil-impregnated foaming urethane rubber separated by dividers. An end seal prevents lubricant leakage. Friction tests have shown a decrease in the co-efficient of friction, in temperature and in abrasion. Available for THK LM guide types SHS, SNR, NR, SNS and NRS, the scraper system is well suited to harsh applications, such as machining, welding and woodworking.

THK America

Reader Service Card No. 355

Boom lifts expand scissor lift line

After a quarter-century of specializing in scissor lifts, Mayville Engineering has entered the boom market. The company has announced the addition of three boom lifts to its line of aerial work platforms. For use in maintenance activities, the MEC 28EVM is a vertical, telescoping mast that takes one or two workers to a height of up to 34 ft. Features include a narrow 39-in. width, a 10-1/2-ft reach over obstru
ctions, 360-degree rotation and a 550-lb lift capacity. The two other models are articulating booms with a 49-ft working height–the MEC 43E and MEC 43C–for slab and rough terrain applications, respectively. Both have a working outreach of approximately 30 ft. Two further units are currently under development.

Mayville Engineering

Reader Service Card No. 348

Heavier conveyor-belt fasteners withstand rigorous conditions

Three new sizes of Flexco Scalloped Edge SR rivet-hinged conveyor-belt fasteners extend the line to heavier-duty, thicker-belt applications. In addition to the pre-galvanized, high-strength steel that is the standard material of manufacture, the new sizes, R5 1/2 and two R6, also are optionally available in RustAlloy, a low-chrome 400 series stainless steel alloy for good resistance to corrosion, abrasion and wear in abusive mining, quarrying and heavy industrial applications. RustAlloy is the standard and only material offered for the R6 series fastener designated RAR6LP.


Reader Service Card No. 357

Pump service centre offers all the frills

Goulds Pumps’ PRO Services organization offers a full range of life cycle management options to optimize maintenance efficiency. It repairs all brands of pumps and rotating equipment, either in house or at the client’s location, providing complete on-the-road repair services. Technicians, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, are factory trained and certified with the tools and instrumentation to do the job right. Obsolete equipment can be re-engineered into like-new condition, rebuilt to current industry specifications. In addition, the service organization administers maintenance programs and rationalizes inventory requirements, saving time and money.

ITT Industries

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TTR test set measures all power transformers

The Biddle Three-Phase TTR (transformer turns ratio) test set is designed to measure the turns ratio of power, instrument and distribution transformers in a manufacturing or substation environment. Measuring a turns ratio of 10,000:1 at an accuracy of 0.1%, this ruggedly-built unit has the ability to measure phase deviation (in minutes or centiradians) of the transformer primary versus secondary. This quickly indicates problems in a transformer such as partial shorted turns and core faults. Features include fully automatic operation, built-in data storage and downloading capabilities, on-site printing of test results and a choice of quick or full test. The unit weighs just 5 kg (16.5 lb).

AVO International

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Technical catalogue details high-speed timing belt drives

Amacoil/Uhing has published a 16-page technical catalogue on high-speed timing belt drives for linear motion applications. The brochure describes special applications, including use of the drives in a single-axis positioning system that employs a programmable control unit. Also provided are technical information and specifications, formulas for calculating loads, acceleration time, side thrust and drive torque, and ordering information.


Reader Service Card No. 360

Brochure describes metric gear drives

A four-colour product guide, outlining the line of A-Plus gear drives in metric measurements, is available from Falk. This free brochure features product cut-away illustrations, graphs and diagrams to provide an overview of the rugged line, which features six different configurations and 17 sizes. Its title is A-Plus Metric Gear Drives.


Reader Service Card No. 359

Shop furniture catalogue has something for everyone

Tenaquip Industrial Equipment and Supplies has introduced a brochure detailing its line of furniture for shop, warehouse or factory. The 20-page brochure gives black-and-white photos, descriptions and specifications for storage cabinets, desks, workbenches, tool carts, lockers, stools, balancers and reels. Also included are ordering worksheets and tips on how to design a better work space. The brochure also includes maps giving the locations of its five stores.


Reader Service Card No. 369MRO

Hollow-shaft encoder suits harsh environments

The Industrial Encoder Division of BEI Sensors & Systems has introduced a small, industrial-grade hollow-shaft encoder. Featuring an outside diameter of only 2.5 in., the HS25 is designed to accommodate standard motor shafts of 5/8-in. diameter. Rugged and well-sealed for industrial environments, it carries an environment rating of NEMA 4 and IP65. Operation up to 85C is available, along with special options that allow installation on shafts up to 3/4in. The encoder is suitable for use with heavy-duty motors, as well as space-critical applications in the robotics, packaging and machine tool industries.

Electromate Industrial Sales

Reader Service Card No. 361

Electronic control is for clutch/brake indexing

The CLPC-LC closed loop positioning control for Force Control Industries’ Posidyne clutch/brakes marries advanced electronics control with tough oil-shear clutch/brakes to meet the need for speed, power and accuracy in heavy-duty and high-cycle-rate indexing operations. The control is designed specifically to exploit the quick acceleration and stopping capability of Posidyne oil-shear drives for applications requiring rapid-fire single- and multiple-revolution indexing. A compact 6-in. square for door or panel mount, this microprocessor-based control avoids PLC hardware and hardwiring for installation versatility with space and cost savings. It operates via a simple menu with touch pad inputs and 16-character output display, and is available with four programmable limit switch outputs to trigger other machine functions during the index.

Force Control Industries

Reader Service Card No. 362

Network design software helps avoid costly mistakes

The Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) has introduced DeviceNet Assistant, a software tool that helps users design a DeviceNet network with ease and accuracy. Using the software, network designers build a network node by node, from the ODVA data base of network components, to meet their specific application needs. As the designer builds the desired topology, the program checks for possible configuration errors before time and money is invested installing the network. After the network is completely designed, a bill of materials is produced. Also featured is Internet connectivity.

Open DeviceNet Vendor Association

Reader Service Card No. 363

Brochure details packaging sensors

Balluff has introduced a brochure highlighting various sensors in its PackPro packaging sensors program, a program designed to bring full packaging automation to realization. The free brochure demonstrates how the company’s products can be used to solve a variety of common packaging problems. Automation products in the PackPro program include optoelectrics for presence, colour mark and luminescence detection, Micropulse non-contact magnetostrictive linear position transducers, non-contact power remote systems and limit switches.


Reader Service Card No. 364

Industrial PC allows fast upgrades, troubleshooting

The industrial-grade PC-based workstations from CTC-Parker Automation features a case configuration that opens like a book for ease of customization and serviceability. Engineered for reliability, these powerful PC9 workstations include a self-monitoring system with an independent microcontroller monitoring the main processor. They bring open-platform capabilities to high-end machine and line control requirements, as well as supporting SCADA, networking and enterprise demands. The system comprises a Celeron Pentium II processor, long-life 12-in. or 15-in. flat-panel touch-screen monitor, smart display capability and 32x CD-ROM drive, and offers a high degree of application, configuration, upgrade and trouble-shooting flexibi

CTC-Parker Automation

Reader Service Card No. 365

Lifting gloves offer on-the-job comfort

ProFlex lifting gloves from Ergodyne cushion the hands during medium-duty lifting tasks, pallet jack operation and other activities associated with impact movements. Featuring a half-finger design that leaves the fingers free for maximum control, the gloves come in three materials. Model 860 features a durable pigskin leather body cloth combined with spandex across the back of the hand for breathability. Model 870 non-leather body cloth has a non-slip grip palm. Model 880 combines the leather body cloth with a mesh outer shell for extra ventilation and comfort. Stock colour is black and the gloves are sold in pairs. Five sizes are available.


Reader Service Card No. 366

Proximity sensor fits in tight spaces

Now available from Turck is the Q10S proximity sensor, a compact, rectangular unit designed to offer mounting flexibility. This extremely rugged device features a corner-mounted LED that is visible from any direction and a recessed cable compartment that allows the sensor to be mounted directly against a wall without crushing the cable. Because of its small size, it can fit in confined areas where other sensors will not. Applications include valve position sensing, and clamp detection on robotic arms and cam detection. A waterproof housing makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Chartwell Electronics

Reader Service Card No. 367

Epoxy coating provides high- temperature corrosion protection

Corr-Paint CP2060, a novolac-epoxy coating system developed by Aremco Products, provides corrosion protection up to 500F of large steel vessels and structures in the power generation, foundry, and oil and chemical processing industries. This is a high-build, 100% solids, two-part epoxy system that is highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and temperature. It withstands acids, bases, fuels and solvents. Available in pint, quart, gallon and 5-gallon kits, the epoxy is mixed in a 100:8 resin-to-hardener ratio by weight to a paste-like consistency, which typically is applied by trowel in a film thickness of 20 mils to 50 mils. It dries to the touch in four hours and a full cure is achieved in 48 hours at room temperature. Curing also can be accomplished in six hours at 250F.

Aremco Products

Reader Service Card No. 368

Square set comes with plastic case

PEC’s TiN-coated combination square set features gold colouring, high contrast and micro-fine blade graduations for easy-to-read measurements. It has a hammertone powder-coat finish for long-term scratch resistance. The square/mitre head features a level vial and hardened scribe tool, the full-body protractor head is reversible and the set comes with its own moulded plastic case.

KBC Tools and Machinery

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