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Festo’s DSNU-S shaves weight of standard ISO round cylinder

Photo: Festo.

The DSNU-S is up to 40 per cent slimmer, 3.5 cm shorter and 50 per cent lighter than its ISO counterpart DSNU of the same bore and stroke length.

The DSNU-S is designed for direct mount installation and built for great reliability and a long service life, thanks to its low-wear PUR seals and corrosion resistant piston rod and housing. Being part of the Festo core range means both the DSNU-S and DSNU ISO are always in stock worldwide, and easy to order at attractive pricing.

Depending on the size (8-25 with a maximum stroke length of 200 mm), the DSNU-S is available with fixed end cushioning (P) or Festo’s proprietary self-adjusting cushioning (PPS).

The DSNU ISO round cylinder provides low-wear PUR seals and corrosion resistant piston rod and housing featured on the DSNU-S. Features of DSNU ISO include a heavy duty sintered bronze bearing at the bearing cap and polymer bearing in rear clevis for long service life even with greater lateral loading in long stroke or swivel applications.