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Festo programmable proximity switch

By Monica Ferguson   

Manufacturing Manufacturing Festo proximity switch Switch switching point

Photo: Festo.

Festo SDBT-MSX programmable proximity switch with automatic switching point setting makes commissioning quick with an initial detection range of 20 mm.

The installation process is: the user installs it in the approximate end stop position within the 20 millmetre detection range (which is marked on the sensor) and connects the cable to the controller (PLC). Power supply isn’t needed during installation. During first operation, the proximity switch detects the end position of the piston stroke and automatically learns and remembers the switching point.

The switching point of the SDBT-MSX can be taught manually using the capacitive control button. This allows the user to select PNP, NPN or NO, NC, and the switching window can be set from two to 15 mm.








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