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Festo pre-assembled filtration units

October 2, 2021 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: Festo.

Photo: Festo.

Festo introduces the MS series of filtration products that lower the risk of particle contamination when compressed air comes into direct contact with food or packaging in the food zone.

The MS series is designed for food and packaging-in-food-zone applications in the dairy, baking, produce, processed foods, pet foods, craft beer, cold food processing, and beverage industries.

This series is suitable for a range of other industries where clean compressed air enhances the longevity and efficient operation of pneumatic cylinders and processes.

The three different models in the series – MS4, MS6, and MS9 – conform to FDA and US Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines for clean air, and meet benchmarks, including; Safe Quality Food Institute Codes Edition 9; 3-A standard 604-05; British Compressed Air Society Guideline 102; ISO2200:2005.


MS series filtration systems are rated for air flow ranging from the MS4 at 360 l/min to MS9 at 7,800 l/min.

MS air preparation units come standard with a lockout/tagout feature for operational safety. An exhaust valve, another standard feature, safely evacuates air from the system when filters are changed.

Once the pressure point is set, a lockable filter regulator prevents tampering. Visual-cue red/green gauges support total productive maintenance initiatives by indicating to personnel that the unit has the correct/incorrect pressure range and whether filters require replacement.



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