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Festo MS2 regulators

July 25, 2019 | By MRO Magazine

MS2 compressed air regulator weighs 28 to 31 grams, MS2 filter regulator 35 to 38g, and both have a width of 28 to 31 millimetres, depending on the connection (M5 or QS6) used. MS2 compressed air regulator is about half the weight of a tennis ball and half as wide.

MS2 delivers control performance, and its small size and lightweight enables it to be installed directly on moving components in dynamic applications. Common uses are reducing the force in gripping applications, front-end applications and small parts assembly in the electronics industry. MS2 units have negligible or no effect on the kinematics of the machine or system on which they are placed.

MS2 services units are made from polymer materials. They offer a flow rate of 350 l/min for the pressure regulator, 310 l/min for the filter regulator, which can filter particles down to a size of 5µ. Tubing with an outside diameter of six mm can be connected directly to the MS2 when using QS6 connections. There is no need for additional push-in fittings.






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