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Festo aluminum pneumatic tubing

Monica Ferguson   

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Photo credit: Festo Canada

Festo’s PM aluminum pneumatic tubing outperforms laminated and steel pneumatic tubing on durability, flexibility, ease of installation and installed cost.

PM tubing is designed for use with standard pneumatic push connectors right out of the box, while laminated tubing typically requires specialized tools or oversized connecters where technicians must strip away the lamination in order to use standard connectors.

“We’ve found Festo’s PM tubing to be the best possible solution for our cells, maintaining all the benefits of conventional tubing with the added advantages of flame resistance at a significant cost and time reduction,” said Robert Remillard, Sodecia GTAC Engineering Manager.

PM pneumatic tubing is; resistant to high temperatures, less bulky, no need of specialized tooling and connectors, profiled by hand, can be inserted or removed from connectors multiple times without degradation of a tight, leak-free seal, retains its shape for quick reinstallation and no need for multiple anchor points.



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