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Emerson Heat Staking Technology

October 5, 2020 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo: Emerson.

Emerson heat staking technology enables manufacturers to join complex, delicate and sensitive components to plastic moldings.

Branson GPX platform uses PulseStaker technology to provide instantaneous heating and cooling, and adjustable cycle times for low energy heat staking.

The technology is suitable for all heat staking applications, including with thermoplastic materials and metalized coated parts. A range of heat staking tip designs, which can be adapted to meet stake welding requirements, have the ability to stake multiple points simultaneously.

“The automotive, electronics and medical industries require more complex, delicate and sensitive components to be joined to plastic moldings,” said Priyank Kishor, global product manager for Branson products at Emerson´s Automation Solutions business. “The unique heat staking process that the Branson GPX platform provides helps to meet this demand and offers manufacturers a broad range of benefits, such as superior product aesthetics and reduced energy use.”



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