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Efficient Emergency Light Bulb

May 14, 2020 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo: IRWIN Industrial.

IRWIN Industrial’s VCC SP160604-50K AC/DC light bulb is a 9W AC/DC LED light bulb that replaces 100W incandescent bulbs, while maintaining E26 base and A21 shape. It provides better lighting and lasting 50X longer.

It has dual operation from either 110-130 VAC or 105-280 VDC, which allows for emergency operation by higher voltage battery power, for longer than conventional lighting, without inverters or special wiring. DC can be supplied directly to the fixture with the same gauge cable as AC input.

VCC SP160604-50K AC/DC light bulb has a daylight temperature of 5000K and 980 lumens, at 109 lumens per watt with a power factor of 0.9. Lifetime is rated at 50,000 hours.

IRWIN partnered Visual Communications Company, LLC, and a public utility to develop and deploy the light bulb in emergency lighting systems, at two power plants.




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