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Easy VIS

November 1, 2022 | By Monica Ferguson

Photo: Mettler Toledo.

Photo: Mettler Toledo.

Mettler Toledo’s tool Easy VIS, analyzes liquid, translucent samples for optical spectrum, color, and water parameters.

The instrument takes over the measuring tasks of up to three instruments: a colorimeter, a spectrophotometer, and special measuring methods for water testing, such as titration.

The results appear on screen in trustworthy accuracy, precision, and repeatability – within seconds.

A typical place for Easy VIS is small manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, environmental testing labs, or any industry needing quality control and supervising their process or wastewaters.


The Easy VIS is used during multiple steps of the production process: for inspection of raw materials, quality control of semi-finished and finished products, or testing the water quality of wastewater.


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