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Continental Introduces Beverage Hose

February 24, 2020 | By Mario Cywinski

Photo: Continental.

Continental introduces new beverage hose, Vintner Reserve 250 EPDM, to the North American market. It is designed with improved chemical and temperature resistance capabilities for wine, beer and beverage production.

“Cleaning conditions in the production end of the wine and brewery businesses are changing constantly,” said Laszlo Dobo, Product Manager, Industrial Fluid Solutions, Continental.  “Thanks to the EPDM tube, this hose has a higher temperature and chemical resistance at cleaning.  The EPDM tube has better fitting retention at elevated temperature. This ensures a safe working environment that is critical in any operations.”

Vintner 250 EPDM has a working pressure of 250 psi and a 4:1 safety factor. Features of the EPDM tube include higher chemical and temperature resillience, Increased strength and hardness, and enhanced abrasion and ozone resistance.

“We are also using this opportunity to optimize our portfolio and make the naming more consistent and easy to identify hoses,“ said Laszlo. “The hose name will refer to the working pressure and the tube compound.“


Vintner 250 EPDM hose meets FDA and USDA  regulations. It is certified to 3-A 18-02 standard and monogrammed with certificate number 3737.


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