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Cold weather servo motors

Maryam Farag   

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance Machine Building

Photo: Teknic.

Teknic’s servo motors are all capable of operating in cold weather at -40°C. This includes all integrated ClearPath servo systems (includes the brushless servo motor, drive, controller, and encoder), and Teknic’s standalone Hudson brushless servo motors.

Features include:

  • Brushless design, oversized and permanently lubricated brand-name bearings, Class H high-temperature winding (180ºC), fault-tolerant encoder design, fully sintered rare-earth magnets, and extensive testing of every servo motor assures high quality and lasting reliability.
  • Adaptive compensation for high inertial loads, velocity accuracy of 0.001 per cent, patented vibration damping algorithms, an effective auto-tune, and more.
  • Use step and direction commands, trigger pre-programmed motion with digital I/O, or code with Teknic’s C++ or C# library.




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