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CenterLine Limited stationary welders

January 31, 2022 | By Maryam Farag

Photo: CenterLine Limited.

Photo: CenterLine Limited.

CenterLine Limited’s Model N of configured stationary welders carries the same features as Model W, a welding machine designed for production fastener welding applications.

As part of the CLCS FlexFast family of welders, the Model N is designed with a narrow upper arm and lower knee with a 152mm x 300mm tooling platen. The base model supports one OHMA weld cylinder, while the Model W can support dual OHMA weld cylinders.

The CLCS controller offers control of the machine sequence and up to two feeders, four schedules available per cylinder, programmable electrode maintenance counters per schedule.

These three entry-level FlexFast projection welders are supplied with fixed mounted OHMA air over oil weld cylinders, VeriFast LVDT weld bodies and lower platen with interchangeable part fixture plate.


The VeriFast LVDT weld body, together with the upper LPT weld cylinder position monitoring, provides the most reliable fastener detection system to monitor the quality of the projection welding process.



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