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Ameridrives and Bibby Turboflex introduce Tri-Bushing

August 24, 2018
By Mario Cywinski

Ameridrives and Bibby Turboflex, two Altra brands, have developed Tri-Bushing, a flex element/blade triangular bushing design that increases the axial capability of high performance flexible disc couplings used in turbomachinery applications.

Altra’s Tri-Bushing design features two straight profiles that significantly reduce and redistribute the stresses that occur around the disc pack bushings.

Utilizing this new bushing design can increase a couplings axial capability by more than 33 per cent. In many applications, coupling designers no longer need to upsize their coupling to accommodate this growth. In addition to the cost-saving benefit, lateral vibration problems may be avoided with a smaller coupling.

Tri-Bushing is now available for use in all new Ameridrives, Bibby Turboflex, TB Wood’s and Lamiflex disc couplings. New disc packs with Tri-Bushing technology can also be retrofitted into existing couplings as part of repair or rebuild services performed at various Altra coupling facilities around the world.