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Virtual Event
Max Uptime
May 26, 2022 at 1:00pm ET

Product Demo

Smart Food Handling by Yaskawa, Powered by Wainbee Expertise

Greatly reduces complexity and cost to integrate robots into packaging lines. Smart series robot accommodates operator involvement with simple-to-operate Smart Pendant and collaborative safety features. All items are rated for easy washdown cleaning in food-safe environment. Stop-State Monitoring and Speed & Separation Monitoring enable workers to enter the station with minimal interruption to the cycle.

Fenceless food-handling demonstration:

  • IP76 washdown-ready robot with food-grade grease
  • Soft Robotics programmable gripper
  • 2D vision enables robot to pick products in random orientation
  • Space-saving micro controller w/ PLC integration
  • Power-force limited collaborative robot mode
  • Area scanner with speed & separation control; stop-state monitoring