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ZEISS Pursues New Techniques in ebeam Mask Repairs

May 21, 2015
By Business Wire News

JENA, Germany

The new ZEISS MeRiT neXT mask repair tool hosts the innovative ZEISS low energy ebeam column, which enables the repair of smallest possible clear and opaque defects with the highest accuracy. The low energy beam increases the process resolution and simultaneously reduces side effects.

The redeveloped chemical toolbox allows a massively enhanced selectivity and addresses more blank types including EUV and high durable Phase Shifting Masks (HD PSM). The ZEISS MeRiT neXT introduces a novel Rapid Probe Microscope (RPM), a new type of AFM, which operates at SEM speed level. The RPM enables applications like repair verification, 3D feature analysis and repair of Chromeless Phase Shifting Lithography (CPL) as well as buried multilayer defects on EUV masks.

“The new ZEISS MeRiT neXT is a paradigm shift in classical mask repair. Low energetic electrons finally enable the repair of smallest defects through straight local interaction with no collateral damage and an outstanding imaging quality at the same time.” states Dr. Markus Waiblinger, Product Manager of ZEISS MeRiT neXT.

The low energy-beam mask repair system ZEISS MeRiT neXT provides the mask manufacturer with an ultra-high precision repair solution for every type of photomask. It enables production at high-end facilities to meet the requirements of current and upcoming technology nodes.


ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the optics and optoelectronics industries. ZEISS develops and distributes lithography optics, measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and planetarium technology. With its solutions, the company constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress. The company is divided up into the six business groups Industrial Metrology, Microscopy, Medical Technology, Vision Care, Consumer Optics and Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. ZEISS is represented in over 40 countries – with around 30 production sites, over 50 sales and service locations and about 25 research and development facilities. In fiscal year 2013/14 the company generated revenue approximating 4.3 billion euros with just under 25,000 employees. Founded in 1846 in Jena, the company is headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany. Carl Zeiss AG is the strategic management holding company that manages the ZEISS Group. The company is wholly owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation).

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