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Yume Cloud Introduces GLOW Interactive Smart Cubes; Sets Kickstarter Campaign

December 22, 2015
By Business Wire News


Yume Cloud Inc. (, a startup specializing in sensor technology, today introduced its innovative multi-purpose cube, called GLOW, that interprets sensing data to create original and playful audio and visual effects.

GLOW is an innovative gadget in the form of a cube that uses advanced sensors to detect physical motion, relative position, sound, and contact points between cubes. GLOW combines all available sensing elements, and delivers various audio and visual outputs that reflect mood and environment.

Yume Cloud started developing prototypes of GLOW in 2014 and created two generations of platforms with different electronic modules and various enclosure designs. In February 2015, Yume Cloud started development of its third generation of GLOW.

The company has tested prototypes in many different locations, on different occasions including concert events, holiday parties, trade shows and meet-up events. Research with about 100 cubes using different applications and lighting patterns provided Yume Cloud with information and knowledge about customers’ interests. With the support of sensing technology experts, Yume Cloud completed custom module, enclosure, and mobile applications.

Sensors, Accelerometers Interpret Light, Sound, Motion, to Create Unique Audio and Visual Effects

Each cube uses accelerometers and multi-axis sensors to interpret light and sound inputs and motion. The GLOW cube granularly controls their orientation, changing luminosity intensity. GLOW senses rotation, speed, position, and sound then combines the elements, and produces innovative and original outputs – both audio and visual effects. Color is generated in a cube, and using the cube’s rotation, the color travels. The master cube controls the flow of color from the first cube into others, creating a wave effect. If multiple cubes are in motion, the rotation of the individual cubes determines the colors, which can be blended together. If three cubes are moved, the fourth cube blends colors. GLOW also reacts to music from sources such as radio, TV and computers, responding to the tempo of different music, from classical to hip-hop.

Many Locations, Many Applications

The highly portable GLOW can be used at many different occasions, at parties, at small gatherings or even by individuals in private locations or public settings, wherever a changing mood or environment can add to user experience and relaxation.

Kickstarter Campaign Set for Dec. 28 Start, Prices for GLOW Set

Yume Cloud’s production partner has 40 years experience producing high quality consumer products for sale by companies worldwide. With the strong commitment of the development team and support of partners, the company has created commercial grade samples and is planning to move to commercial production with four months lead-time.

Yume Cloud provides a platform for the future, and with one of the first devices representing a real Internet of Things (IoT) product.

Yume Cloud will start a Kickstarter campaign around Dec. 28. Retail price for a 4-cube set with charger is $199; 6-cube set with charger, $269.

About Yume Cloud

Yume Cloud was founded by technology industry veterans in 2014. Chairman Kazu Masuda is a serial entrepreneur who has started several companies and accumulated vast knowledge in the high-tech industry. Davy Yoshida is CEO, a marketing expert with 30 years experience in business development and international strategic alliances in a wide variety of electronic products. Go Miyakita is a visual effects and digital marketing specialist who joined the team to lead visual design.

Yume Cloud Inc.
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