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Wilsonart Releases 19 Designs Celebrating the History of Detroit

June 14, 2016
By Business Wire News


Once called the Paris of the West and a world-class industrial powerhouse, Detroit was recognized as a center for great architecture and a history of rich music. Even with the departure of the automobile industry and rise of urban sprawl, today the city is restoring its prominence and reclaiming its role as a vital and creative American city. Wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of decorative engineered surfaces for 60 years, captures this spirit of restoration and reinvention through “Forgotten Detroit,” a collection of 19 new designs available online through the company’s Virtual Design Library.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Wilsonart captures the spirit of restoration and reinvention through

Wilsonart captures the spirit of restoration and reinvention through “Forgotten Detroit,” a collection of 19 new designs available online through the Virtual Design Library. (Photo: Business Wire)

“There is a growing appreciation for time-worn beauty; it shows authenticity and has a sort of eccentric charm. The Collection’s new patterns of stone, aged concrete and distressed metals all tell the story of the transformation and rebirth of Detroit,” said Andrea Flint, product designer at Wilsonart. “Detroit, so rich in history, is like a phoenix and is rising from the ashes. Once shiny and new, materials throughout the city are now corroded and oxidized creating a new beauty of age and triumph. It’s this journey of rediscovery that inspired Forgotten Detroit.”

The 19 new designs in the Forgotten Detroit Collection are inspired by unique aspects of the city.

The Brush Park neighborhood in a Fine Velvet Textured Finish – illustrating the elegance of aging Victorian style mansions:

  • Brush Park Statue (Y0366-38): time-worn large-scale soapstone in cool, dark grey
  • Brush Park Column (Y0367-38): distressed large-scale soapstone in a warm clay color
  • Brush Park Fountain (Y0368-38): distressed large-scale soapstone in a cool clay color
  • Brush Park Slate (Y0369-38): deep slate grey large-scale soapstone worn by the elements

The historic Arden Park neighborhood showcased in an Antique Finish – flaunting green, grassy lawns, flowering trees and sprawling homes:

  • Arden Park Carrera (Y0371K-22): large-scale abstract white marble with grey movement that creates depth
  • Arden Park Marble (Y0372K-22): large-scale abstract black marble with white veining throughout

The sidewalks of the historic Eastern Market featuring a smooth Matte Finish – capturing the bustle of the largest public market district in the U.S.:

  • Dubois St. Concrete (Y0373-60): dark charcoal and black large-scale form wood concrete
  • Mack Ave. Concrete (Y0374-60): cool grey large-scale pressed form wood concrete
  • Hale St. Concrete (Y0375-60): warm grey large-scale pressed form wood concrete

The budding Milwaukee Junction neighborhood, where Ford’s first Model T was made, is paired with an Antique Finish – given character through unique, but aging, architecture:

  • Milwaukee Jct. Steel (Y0394K-22): large-scale distressed steel in warm mid-tone grey with bits of rust and white throughout
  • Milwaukee Jct. Copper (Y0395K-22): large-scale rusty steel in tonal copper
  • Milwaukee Jct. Zinc (Y0396K-22): large-scale cool grey steel with varied shades of rust throughout
  • Milwaukee Jct. Rust (Y0397K-22): rust and grey mingle with bits of white throughout in this large-scale steel
  • Milwaukee Jct. Oxide (Y0398K-22): distressed deep grey oxidized steel

Old Celluloid film clippings in a Fine Velvet Textured Finish – like those found in theatres throughout Detroit:

  • Detroit Black and White (Y0399-38): dimensional tone on tone small-scale pattern
  • Detroit Reel (Y0401-38): small-scale dimensional pattern in cool greys
  • Detroit Film (Y0402-38): small-scale dimensional pattern in sepia
  • Detroit Celluloid (Y0403-38): warm tonal copper colored small-scale pattern

Concrete in a Fine Velvet Textured Finish – reflecting the foundation on which Detroit is being rebuilt:

  • Detroit Concrete (Y0461-60): large-scale hand troweled concrete in a traditional warm grey

“The new designs have such a range of depth and diversity. The truly unique inspirations behind each pattern reflect the spirit of what Detroit once was, what it is now and where it may be heading,” adds Flint.

The Forgotten Detroit Collection is now available online as part of the “Materials” category of the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library, an evolving, curated collection of laminates available in just 2-3 weeks from order.

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