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VinPerfect Expands Global Footprint – Australian Patent Granted

December 10, 2015
By Business Wire News

NAPA, Calif.

Today, Collin Casper, Founder and CEO, announced the issuance of Australian Letters Patent #2011227037, which adds to the New Zealand Patent issued in 2014. This is a major milestone for growth of the SmartCapTM technology in Australia and New Zealand markets.

History has shown markets like Australia and New Zealand telegraph impending global market shifts by leading a tipping point for adoption of twist-off closures.

As part of VinPerfect’s focus on Australia, the company has also contracted with the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) for a comprehensive study of oxygen-regulating liners. This multi-year study will look at chemical and sensory analysis of red and white wines, varying only the screwcap closure selected. Preliminary data shows very promising results of the SmartCapTM impact on post-bottling wine development.

VinPerfect makes wine closures with engineered oxygen permeability, allowing screw-capped wine to breathe in a post-bottling environment. This capability is necessary for high-quality wine, but also enhances lower price-point wines. Standard screwcaps lack the ability to regulate oxygen transmission consistently. This is primarily why they are found mostly on lighter white wine styles like Sauvignon Blanc, but rarely found on red wines.

By allowing for oxygen permeation using the SmartCapTM closure, VinPerfect intends to change the dynamic of the entire market:

We are seeing more and more customers who previously used screwcaps only on white wines switch to our SmartCapTM for all wines in their portfolio – including reds. We feel this is a signal that the market is about to change in a more fundamental way.”

— Craig Hawkyard, VP of Sales

This market growth has lead to substantial year-over-year sales growth since inception. In 2015 revenues doubled and the company exceeded annual sales goals.

“The rapid growth of our customer base indicates that the US market is ready for this paradigm shift. We have enough overcapacity to service the market, and we are preparing for the increased production volume when the market does flip.”

Collin Casper, Founder and CEO

About VinPerfect, Inc.

VinPerfect is the market leader specializing in oxygen-regulating closures for the wine industry, providing precise control over wine’s post-bottling oxygen exposure. VinPerfect is unique in its ability to provide multiple distinct levels of oxygen under 0.5 mg oxygen per year. Winemakers have consistent control over the development of wine in bottle without compromising shelf-life. Consumers are able to enjoy wines with enhanced aromatics, avoid bad corks (cork-taint) completely, and protect against more subtle wine damage from premature oxidation or reduction.

The VinPerfect patented SmartCaps™ utilize an oxygen-regulating gasket that allows fine control over the amount of oxygen that permeates through the closure. Unlike most perishable products, wine improves in quality with limited oxygen exposure. The Company aims to displace bark corks as the preferred closure option, giving winemakers and consumers what they have always deserved: the perfect wine closure, appropriate for any wine style.

VinPerfect, Inc.
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