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Vincotech Rolls out New NPC Modules

May 19, 2015
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Vincotech, a leading supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, has unveiled a set of new NPC modules featuring IGBT H5 technology. The new modules come in flow 0 and flow 1 housings.

Equipped with Infineon IGBT H5s, they pair very high speed with low saturation voltages and good switching characteristics. The NPC (neutral point clamped) topology equipped with 650 V components is suitable for applications with up to 1000 V DC-link voltage. Samples of these single- and three-phase modules are available on request.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Very high speed at low saturation voltage
  • Designed for solar, UPS & ESS (energy storage system) applications
  • Components with low parasitic capacitance for very fast switching
  • No short-circuit capability
  • Now available in flow 0 and flow 1 housings

flow 0 products for application with up to 1000 V DC-link voltage

Part. No.:   Current   Comments
10-F007NIA030SM-P965F39   30 A   H5 + IGBT3 / Stealth™ II diode in commutating path
10-F007NIA030SM01-P965F49   30 A   H5 + IGBT3 / Stealth™ II diode in commutating path
10-PY07NIA080SM18-L095F03Y   80 A   All switches with H5 / Stealth™ II diodes, high current for antiparallel diodes; (->UPS)
10-FZ07NIA060SM-P926F43   60 A  

All switches with H5; outer switch and neural path with Stealth™ II diode

NPC modules with high current ratings are available in flow 1 format.

Part. No.:   Current   Comments
10-FY07NPA150SM01-L364F08   150 A   IGBT H5 + IGBT L5 and Stealth(TM) + capacitors; for solar



150 A


4 quadrant operation, very high speed + capacitors; -> ESS

10-FY07NPA200SM02-L366F08   200 A  

4 quadrant operation, very high speed; + capacitors; -> ESS

flow3x NPC 1

Featuring a remarkably compact design, the M89x3xNPC family of modules provides very highly integrated three-phase solutions in one single flow 1 housing and it offers a triple booster.

flow3xNPC 1

Part. No.:   Current   Comments
10-PY07N3A015SM-M892F08Y   15 A  

All switches H5 and outer switches alsowith Stealth™ II diode

10-PY07N3A030SM-M894F08Y   30 A  

All switches H5 and outer switches also with Stealth™ II diode

To see the currently available products and select the best module for your application, visit:

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