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Viking Bags Launches Next Generation Motorcycle Saddlebags With USB Charging Dock

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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — It’s been a long standing problem since motorcycles were invented, motorcycles riders just don’t have any way to charge their mobile devices. But not if it’s up to Viking Bags – a Los Angeles based company that will launch a new generation of their hard saddlebags aiming to solve this problem. The new Viking Bags saddlebags will allow riders to attach their phones to a small charging dock inside the saddlebags that will be connected to their battery, allowing them to charge their mobile devices while they ride.

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It’s a fun and revolutionary new way to upgrade current motorcycle saddlebags. In addition, the saddlebags are key-lockable so that they remain closed if locked, keeping the items inside safe. The Los Angeles based company will release their new hard saddlebags for cruiser riders, starting in February.

Revolutionary USB Charging Technology For Motorcycle Riders

The technology that enables this fundamentally new way to ride will allow anything that has a USB port, or can be attached to one, to be powered via this USB dock that will be available in the 2016 version of the Viking Bags hard saddlebags. An often quoted competitor of this Viking Bags innovation is having a USB adapter attached to the battery’s terminals in a D.I.Y. way, where your mobile device is held somewhere on the rider’s body or on the handle bars using another device that keeps it from falling. Viking Bags has eliminated the need for the handle bar device because they’re not always safe and have been found to drop phones while riding at highway speeds. By having the charging dock in your saddlebags, the device you’re charging will be safely held and ready for use once you reach your destination.

Styling and specifications

The motorcycle saddlebags that will include these USB charging docks will be available in three different sizes: medium, large, and extra large in order to match the need for storage space currently troubling the motorcycle industry. In addition to the innovative USB charging function, the saddlebags include a key-locking feature that keeps all of the contents locked and safe when away from the motorcycle.

Pricing and availabilityThe saddlebag prices will range in prices but will be at most half the price of saddlebags found at the dealerships, allowing riders to not only save money but seriously upgrade from what is available from factory.

“Imagine the possibilities, since the dock will use a standard USB 2.0 dock. You no longer have to worry about having a dead cell phone battery when you’re out for a ride. You’ll never have to cut your ride short either because you know you’ll have that in your bags. This is game changing,” says Viking Bags Marketing Manager, Ramiro Hernandez.

The USB charging dock was developed in order to avoid a dead cell phone in case of an emergency.


With the recent rise of smart phones and GPS enabled devices in recent years it’s no surprise that new services geared to keeping these charged have surfaced. Yet the two options currently on the market will have you either charge it at home, or use a portable power bank that will only give you a small boost of power that likely will not last. The D.I.Y. option can work but the rider is running the risk of their cell phones falling from, often, faulty cell phone holders while they ride.

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