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Verisae Announces ‘vx Exchange’ for Seamless Service Supply Chain Integration

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In the near future, all aspects of an organization’s infrastructure will be connected. Machinery and equipment will communicate directly with CRM, ERP and payroll systems, accounting packages will obtain data directly from field management systems and people will be able to act on all of this data. To help make this future a reality, Verisae, the company reinventing the service supply chain, today announced vx Exchange.

With Verisae’s open APIs, vx Exchange acts as the hub of interoperability for all equipment, CMMS, mobile workforce management systems, third-party service providers, and more to streamline processes and improve operations. This network provides end-to-end functionality that connects every piece of the service supply chain, delivering the ideal solution for always-on companies.

Retailers, utilities, service providers, and manufacturers alike improve communications and reduce costs through vx Exchange’s unlimited visibility into facility and workforce operations. Facility and equipment owners and operators are provided with 100 percent lifecycle service, offering not only predictive maintenance but also increased reliability and efficiency of equipment, proactive and immediate service response, and limited equipment downtime.

Until now, the Internet of Things (IoT) movement had not reached its full potential because enterprises struggled to integrate with external apps. With vx Exchange, the communication challenge is solved and more organizations, from retailers to service providers, are able to take advantage of the IoT and glean valuable business information from their data.

“With more sensors and things like equipment, utilities and staff, being connected though the IoT, it’s harder for organizations to correlate and analyze all of the data these things are creating,” said Jerry Dolinsky, CEO, Verisae. “Verisae’s main goal is to make Big Data small for our customers and partners. With vx Exchange, we’re able to connect every facility, every asset, and every field service technician, to one another to deliver simplified, always-on solutions to meet each user’s needs.”

vx Exchange helps organizations in multiple industries optimize their data to achieve, or exceed, business goals:

  • Retailers: Multisite owners, when utilizing vx Maintain, vx Conserve, or vx Observe, are now able to improve monitoring and managing equipment, building information systems, utility billing information, financial systems and work order notifications utilizing vx Exchange. Danfoss, Carel, and Emerson are some of the latest organizations integrating their technologies to vx Exchange to achieve maximum results from their data for retailers.
  • Utilities and Service Providers: Members of the vx Exchange network are given unlimited visibility to all third party contractors through Verisae’s vx Field solution. Advantages include insight into contractor availability, geo location points, rebates and incentives, equipment information including user guides and ratings, outage management systems and inventory. Globema, ESN, and Cyient are just a few of the utility, energy management and system integrators seeing value from vx Exchange.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM): With multiple contractors and resellers, OEMs have enormous amounts of information to manage and digest. vx Exchange connects OEMs directly to their customer or end user’s technology to manage and send work orders, view technician availability, access financial systems, and remotely monitor equipment for predictive maintenance. Siemens, KE2 Therm Solutions, eGauge, and DimOnOff are some of the OEMs utilizing the vx Exchange network to advance and expedite their business processes.

“Knowing that all of our customers’ data is constantly monitored, managed and acted upon in a timely manner through multiple connected technologies is not only beneficial to our customer service and satisfaction, it has a significant impact on our customers’ strategic business decisions and bottom line,” said Robert Gerdes, Director – Energy Sales, Franke. “vx Exchange has empowered our organization to move beyond day-to-day operations and bring our customer service to the next level through this integrated network of technologies.”

The growing Verisae network currently manages more than 370,000 sites in 97 countries around the world working together to advance their businesses through the use of data. For more information about vx Exchange please visit

About Verisae
Verisae’s software technology brings together the concepts of Big Data, machine-to-machine communications and mobile technology to deliver solutions for companies in retail, utilities, telecommunications, and service management industries. Verisae analyzes data to provide predictive, prescriptive and proactive maintenance and management. Operating on an open API technology platform, Verisae’s solutions are simple, integrated and mobile. Backed by Marlin Equity Partners, a $3 billion private equity firm, Verisae has a network of more than 180,000 registered users managing in excess of three million assets at more than 370,000 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit the company’s website, or follow Verisae on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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