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Vancouver Boiler Repair Company Publishes Tips to Avoid Home Accidents

September 17, 2015
By Marketwired News

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – September 17, 2015) – Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Services Ltd., a heating and boiler repair company in Vancouver, want to remind everyone that hot water tank maintenance is important to keep a home running smoothly. The benefits are outlined in a recently published article on the company website. More information is available at:

While there’s nothing like a hot shower on a chilly fall morning, most people forget that behind this convenience is one of the most expensive and important pieces of equipment in the home.

Although no one wants to be stuck without a shower, that problem is relatively benign compared to what can go wrong if a water tank bursts. This can result in dealing with dozens of gallons of water as well as rust and other harmful substances that can take months to clean up.

It’s a worst-case scenario, but there are more positive reasons to maintain your heater. As the blog points out, maintaining a water tank increases its longevity and efficiency. This also reduces power consumption, which means saving money.

Ordinary debris builds up in a tank over time. That build-up makes the tank less efficient, and shortens its life. To get the best performance, a tank should be looked at and flushed about once a year. Once a water heater has been flushed, it will burn less gas. It will also avoid being under or over fired. This can increase the quantity and quality of the water coming out of the heater.

Regular maintenance will stop most problems before they develop into a serious and expensive affair. It’s a small cost now, which can prevent a big cost later on.

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