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US Nanotech Company Disrupts Global Paint Marketplace

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BRIGHTON, Mich., Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Organizations have invested billions of dollars to protect valuable assets (ships, bridges, heavy duty equipment…) from corrosion, scratching, chemical attack and weathering. Many of these important assets were painted using inferior paint materials not designed to withstand long-term weathering and use. Organizations have various options when these painted assets degrade including;

1. Do nothing and allow the paint weathering cycle to continue (resulting in decreased corrosion, chemical and UV resistance). 2. Replace the existing paint system using the same inferior conventional systems (epoxy topcoat, polyurethane or latex). 3. Restore, enhance and extend the surface life of “Newly Painted” or “Highly Oxidized” painted assets by 10 years using Nano-Clear(R) Coating for Industrial Applications.

Nano-Clear(R) Coatings are designed to dramatically improve corrosion resistance, surface hardness, chemical and UV resistance over painted steel. Conventional one and two-component paint systems including epoxies provide good initial corrosion and adhesion, but typically fall short in long-term UV resistance and weathering. Conventional polyurethane top-coatings degrade over time due to sun damage, abrasion or chemical attack. UV rays break-down the molecular bonds of the paints polymer network, causing surface chalking, decreased abrasion resistance and discoloration – leading to corrosion issues.

According to Nanovere’s Chief Technology Officer Thomas Choate, “Nano-Clear(R) Coatings are manufactured using our proprietary 3D nanostructured polymers, which provide dramatically higher crosslink density over “any” conventional coating system in the marketplace. Nano-Clear’s molecular bonds are very difficult to break-down from chemical attack, abrasion and UV rays. Nano-Clear(R) is a one-component highly cross-linked hybrid polymer nanocoating system”.

Nano-Clear(R) Coatings penetrate deep into the smallest pores of paint, enhancing the underlying color & gloss, dramatically improving corrosion resistance, surface hardness, and extending UV resistance, while reducing surface maintenance by 50%. Nano-Clear(R) eliminates the need to re-paint, color matching or polishing, thereby significantly reducing material, labor and surface maintenance costs.

Nano-Clear(R) Coatings have been validated and in-use by leading global organizations including Carnival, Caterpillar Dealers, Royal Caribbean, Princimar Chemical Carriers, Odebrecht Oil & Gas, Toshiba Industrial Products, Universities, leading tank car manufactures…

Nano-Clear(R) Coatings are distributed exclusively in the Middle East by Al Haleef Company, Canada, S. Korea, New Zealand, Australia, France, Guatemala and Mexico. Many countries are open for distribution by qualified distributors. Nanovere is now accepting global distributor applications for Nano-Clear(R) Coatings. Interested parties may call (810) 227-0077, email or visit

Press Contact: Katharine Choate

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