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U.S. Water Launches Revolutionary Breakthrough in Sustainable & Cost-Saving Cooling Water Treatment

July 20, 2015
By Business Wire News


U.S. Water has launched PhosZero™ with E-FeX™ Technology, a breakthrough in sustainable chemistry for cooling water treatment. U.S. Water’s latest generation of PhosZero™ contains E-FeX™ Technology, a synergistic blend of ingredients that replaces the most common uses of phosphorus in cooling water applications.

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New PhosZero reduces cooling tower water cost by combining corrosion inhibitor and antiscalant into  ...

New PhosZero reduces cooling tower water cost by combining corrosion inhibitor and antiscalant into one single treatment, eliminating costly phosphorus disposal services and avoiding regulatory issues. (Photo: Business Wire)

The PhosZero™ family of cooling water treatment products are designed to provide both scale and corrosion control, similar to “traditional” phosphorus containing chemistries, but without the discharge or aquatic toxicity concerns of older technologies.

Benefits for users of PhosZero™ with E-FeX™ Technology include:

  • Maximum protection against corrosion and scale, ensuring high heat transfer and maximum equipment efficiency.
  • Environmental sustainability through PhosZero’s™ favorable aquatic toxicity profile, reducing your plant’s environmental footprint.
  • Elimination of phosphorus discharge to the environment, enhancing regulatory compliance and the eradication of costs associated with phosphorus removal from waste streams.
  • Plant safety improvement since PhosZero™ reduces the need for acid use and storage on-site, helping to reduce HazMat reporting, insurance costs and chemical handling mistakes.

Founder & CEO of U.S. Water, Allan Bly, commented on the launch of new PhosZero™, stating, “I am very proud of our scientists for developing this great breakthrough in sustainable treatment for cooling water. It will save our customers time and money, while improving the environment.”

U.S. Water seeks to identify and eliminate the root cause of problems, finding optimal solutions for each customer’s individual water treatment needs based on the best combination of chemistry, equipment, engineering and technical services.

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