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Trace One Partners with GS1 GERMANY to Deliver Unique, End-to-End Transparency and Traceability Solution

March 4, 2015
By Business Wire News


Trace One and GS1 GERMANY have agreed to a collaboration to improve supply chain transparency for complex ingredient and non-transformed products, such as fresh fish, meat and produce.

Trace One and GS1 GERMANY will leverage the fTrace batch-oriented tracing solution and Trace One’s cloud-based T Transparency solution to strengthen supply chain partner visibility and communications. The partnership will create a unified system through which brand owners can easily identify the entire supply chain, validate data, reduce risks and ensure safety for all transformed and batch products from farm to fork. This transparent network will establish a dashboard of proactive partner information that streamlines supply chain communications and enhances partner knowledge, and thereby leads to accurate brand and product information that empowers consumers to shop with greater confidence.

“fTrace and T Transparency combined will bring a unique and global solution for transparency worldwide to control compliance, improve food safety, reduce fraud and drive consumer trust ” Jérôme Malavoy, Trace One.

In addition to enabling secure, real-time communications among all supply chain partners, this new end-to-end transparency and traceability partnership will allow retailers, manufacturers and raw material suppliers to access all facilities’ certifications and audits, and identify where raw ingredients are sourced from.

“Communication and collaboration along the supply chain is a key factor in a successful business relationship. The integration of GS1 Germany fTrace solution with Trace One T Transparency will bring the supply chain management to a new and reinforced level of confidence from farm to fork.” Jörg Pretzel, GS1 Germany.

Globally the Transparency Social Network plus the fTrace solution by BATCH is now one of the most powerful solution in the world.

About Trace One
Trace One connects all supply chain network stakeholders to accelerate product innovation while creating supply chain transparency. In March 2015 Trace One will launch the first worldwide B2B Social Network for Transparency.

In addition Trace One powers the world’s largest network for private label development with more than 20,000 companies in 110 countries developing over $300B in annual products spend. The company has offices in Boston, Chicago, Paris, London, Madrid, Hong Kong, and Dusseldorf. More information at

GS1 Germany supports companies from all sectors in the adoption and practical implementation of modern communication and process standards, in order to improve the efficiency of their business processes. Within Germany, the company is responsible for the maintenance and continued development of the GS1 article identification system GTIN for globally unique identification, which in turn serves as the basis for bar codes. Moreover, GS1 Germany supports the application of new technologies for fully automatic object identification (EPC/RFID) and for standardised electronic communication (EDI).

Based in Cologne, the private sector company belongs to the international network ”Global Standards One“ (GS1) as second largest of more than 110 national GS1 organisations worldwide. The German Brand Association and the EHI Retail Institute hold equal shares in GS1 Germany.

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